"Why "quarry" no one in the Two Rivers knew, and it scarcely looked like a road at all, only a weedy stretch that you did not even notice was bare of trees until you saw the overgrown ruts from generations of wagons and carts. Sometimes shards of old pavement worked their way to the surface. Perhaps it had led to a quarry for Manetheren."
   —From the observations of Perrin Aybara[1]

The Quarry Road is a rock-strewn track that lies near Emond's Field in the Two Rivers region. It appears as a weedy stretch bare of trees with overgrown ruts from generations of wagons and carts.[1]


Tam and Rand leading Bela down the Quarry Road


The road proceeds due west from Emond's Field, passes through the Westwood and the Sand Hills, and terminates somewhere near the roots of the Mountains of Mist. The origin of the road's name is unclear as no quarry has existed in the area within living memory.[1] The al'Thor family farm is located on the north side of the Quarry Road a few miles west of Emond's Field.


The road was originally built by engineers from Manetheren. At the time of its construction it was wider, paved, and provided access to the nation's capital; the mountain home itself. It initially proceeded due west along its current alignment but began turning south in the Sand Hills. The road eventually climbed in elevation and terminated at the Mountain Home high in the Mountains of Mist at a location overlooking the Manetherendrelle River. Additionally, a second smaller road branched south somewhere around the midpoint of the main track leading travelers to the Ogier-built city of Jara'copan.

When the nation of Manetheren perished circa 1200 AB both roads fell into disrepair. When farmers returned to the area in the Free Years, overgrowth was cleared back just enough to allow wagons and foot travelers to pass along the main east-west track. Two-thousand years of exposure to the elements and wagon wheels has destroyed the original paving stones, leading to the description that the road is "rock-strewn",[2] though sometimes shards of old Manetheren paving will work their way to the surface.[1] The smaller road leading to Jara'copan is completely overgrown and nearly invisible.


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