Queen's Guard

A member of the Queen's Guard

The Queen's Guards are responsible for the protection of the kingdom of Andor, for the upholding of the queens' laws, and the keeping of the queens' peace.


The Guard are commanded by the "Captain General of the Guard", however if Andor goes to war then the army and guard are led by the First Prince of the Sword. However it has been known for the queen to accompany her guards.

Martyn Tallanvor

Martyn Tallanvor in his Queen's Guard uniform

The uniform of the Guard includes a red undercoat, gleaming mail and plate armor, and a brilliant red cloak. Long white collars hang over the armor and white cuffs gleam at the waist. The helmet is conical with barred face guards.

Under Elayne Trakand

Elayne Trakand's personal bodyguard is made of almost all women, because she believes she can trust women more. The head of the Guard is currently Birgitte Silverbow, Elayne's Warder.



Andor's former Captain-General, Birgitte Silverbow

The ranks of the officers of the Queen's Guards are identified by the golden knots of rank on one or both shoulders of their garments and armor. The hierarchy is as follows:

Captain-General - Four golden knots

Held by:

Captain - Three golden knots

Held by:

Lieutenant - Two golden knots, also referred to as "Guardsman-Lieutenant"

Held by:

Under-Lieutenant - One golden knot

Held by:
* Martyn Tallanvor is observed as having one knot of rank and the title of "Guardsman-Lieutenant." These two facts seem to conflict with the evidence in the rest of the series. In The Wheel of Time Companion, it confirms that he is a Guardsman-Lieutenant.