EWoT: Ragan

Biographical information
Nationality Shienaran
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared TEOTW 46
Last appeared COT 30

Ragan is a Shienaran warrior.

Appearance Edit

He has a white triangle scar from a Trolloc arrow on his cheek.

History Edit

He has an easy and relaxed manner about himself.

Activities Edit

He is the Shienaran that greets Lan Mandragoran and group when they arrive in Fal Dara.[1]

When the Amyrlin arrives in Fal Dara it is Ragan that tells Rand that no one is allowed to leave.[2]

He is one of twenty Shienaran soliders picked to search for the horn of Valere.

He is present when Rand al'Thor proclaims himself Dragon over Falme. He now has the deepest respect for Rand.[3] He is left behind when Rand makes his way to Tear.

After being sent to Jehannah by Moiraine Damodred, no other orders follow and so he follows Masema Dagar to Samara. Here he meets with Nynaeve and brings her to Masema, who is now calling himself The Prophet. He followed Nynaeve to Salidar and has joined Gareth Bryne's army.

He later brings news to Egwene al'Vere about raiders being about at night, when the siege of Tar Valon begins. It is unknown if Ragan and the other Shienarans join the White Tower after the reunification, but the evidence suggests so, as several of them fought in the Last Battle.


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