Redarms are the policing force of the Band of the Red Hand.

Definition and origins

Redarms quell fights among the soldiers and have to pay of out of their own pockets for any damage done by the unit they are charged with watching, a strong motivating factor that seems to have worked. They are armed with cudgels.

Their name originates from the fact that they wear red armbands that stretch from wrist to elbow to mark them out from the normal ranks of the Band.

Mat's group of Redarms

When Mat left for Ebou Dar, twelve Redarms joined him, along with Nalesean Aldiaya, Nerim, Lopin and Chel Vanin. Of this dozen, eight were killed before the invasion of the Seanchan. Their breakdown is as follows:


Only four out of the original dozen survive to journey with Mat and his party as part of Valan Luca's menagerie before meeting up with Talmanes Delovinde and a large contingent of the Band in northern Altara. They are:

Killed by Moghedien

These two men had been assigned as bodyguards for that day when Nynaeve was attacked by Moghedien using balefire. Her boat sank and, while she was rescued by Lan, the two Redarms drowned. They were Belvyn and Lawtin

Killed in the Rahad

When Mat and his band converged on the house in the Rahad that contained the Bowl of the Winds, he sent a group of men around the back of the building, led by Harnan, while Mat, Beslan Mitsobar, Nalesean Aldiaya and five Redarms (Corevin, Metwyn, Gorderan, Fergin and a 'wiry Andoran') remained at the front. Both groups were drawn into fighting.

The group led by Harnan was attacked in the dark by a group of 'shoulderthumpers' armed with knives. These attackers also included the Gholam. Harnan was the only one of this group to survive, and only because Nynaeve used Healing on him.

The group with Mat suffered two fatalities - Corevin and the 'wiry Andoran'[1] This Andoran was killed by Falion Bhoda using the One Power. Two others needed Healing from Nynaeve.

Those who were killed during this skirmish were[2]:


  1. This 'wiry Andoran' may have been either Tad Kandel or Wat, since both are named as Andorans, or one of the two unnamed dozen than came with Mat to Ebou Dar.
  2. Only Corevin and Lawdrin Mendair are mentioned in the scene itself. The others can be inferred from previous mentions of their names and the fact we know who the surviving members were.