Religion doesn't exist in Randland in well-defined terms or sects; instead, most people believe in a distant-but-all-powerful Creator, and the Dark One who opposes him. Individual cultures may create specific beliefs: for example, Children of the Light believe that all Aes Sedai are working for the Dark One, and the Seanchan believe that their Empress is infalliable. Darkfriends, of course, are a special case of belief.


The closest thing to a stated religious belief or catcheism is the saying "The Dark One and all of the Forsaken are bound in Shayol Ghul, beyond the Great Blight, bound by the Creator at the moment of Creation, bound until the end of time. The hand of the Creator shelters the world, and the Light shines on us all." However as events have progressed, even that article of faith has been shown to be untrue, at least for the current Age.