River Tarendrelle

One of the banks of the River Tarendrelle.

The River Tarendrelle is a major waterflow that marks the northern and eastern boundaries of the Two Rivers region. It is known locally as the Taren River.


River Tarendrelle map


The river begins at the roots of the Mountains of Mist where it is fed by upstream tributaries. As it proceeds east the flow widens and descends steeply eventually passing dramatically over a cliff and creating the spectacular waterfall known as Eldrene's Veil. From there the river continues to widen and after several miles passes the town of Taren Ferry on its southern riverbank. The river continues east before changing course to the southeast where it passes the Waterwood and The Mire. Eventually the waterflow merges with the larger River Manetherendrelle, which is known locally as the White River.


In the middle years of the Trolloc Wars, two bridges spanning the Tarendrelle River played a major role during the final defense of Manetheren at the Battle of the Tarendrelle River.[1] At the time, Manetheren faced an overwhelming force of Shadowspawn attempting to penetrate the eastern boundary of the nation and invade the Manetheren heartland. Joined by local farmers, shepherds, and woodsmen, the soldiers of Manetheren fought for over ten days near the banks of the river to forestall the invasion in the hopes of being saved by reinforcements that ultimately would never arrive. Matrim Cauthon possesses the memories of King Aemon al Caar al Thorin who commanded this desperate resistance as he used the river's banks to protect his army's flanks while trying to force the Shadowspawn invaders back across the river.[2] Ultimately, the army of Manetheren was defeated at the banks of the Terendrelle and its remnants forced into a fighting retreat ending with a final defeat at the Battle of Aemon's Field.[1][3]

During the Free Years the community of Taren Ferry was founded along the river's south banks at the termination point of the North Road. Because no new bridges have been built to span the Tarendrelle since the fall of Manetheren, the ferry provided by the community is currently the only means for crossing the river.[4]


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