Riverserpent is a riverboat that travels the River Eldar.

Agni Neres, the captain of Riverserpent. When he put in at Samara, both Galadedrid Damodred and Masema Dagar attempt to conscript the Riverserpent for Nynaeve al'Meara's use.[1] Galad, who succeeded, finds Nynaeve, his half-sister Elayne, and their group and escorts them to the docks. Before they leave, however, Nynaeve bullies Captain Neres into taking on several refugees at the docks, including Nicola Treehill, Areina Nermasiv, and "Marigan."[2] After days on the river, the Riverserpent passes Boannda and the group disembarks near Salidar.[3]


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