EWoT: Ronaille Vevanios

White Tower Sigil
Ronaille Vevanios
Biographical information
Nationality Illianer
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First appeared LOC 55
Last appeared LOC 55
Last mentioned KOD Prologue
Affiliation The Dragon Reborn
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah White Ajah

Ronaille Vevanios is an Aes Sedai of the White Ajah[1]. Her name indicates that she is from Illian.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Ronaille is not particularly strong in the One Power. Her level of strength is described by "The Wheel of Time Companion" as 27(15) which is a middle level in Aes Sedai hierarchy. With this level of strength she is unable to open alone a suitable gateway to Travel.

Activities Edit

She is one of Elaida's White Tower Aes Sedai who kidnap and beat Rand al'Thor.

She is stilled[2] by Rand when he breaks free in the Battle of Dumai's Wells[3] and taken prisoner soon after by the Aiel Wise Ones. The Wise Ones used mild manners with her because for them her stilling was a sufficient punishment.

The other Aes Sedai prisoners try to stay away from the three who have been stilled [4].

After Healing Irgain Fatamed, Damer Flinn wants to try Healing Ronaille and Sashalle[5]

She is Healed of her severing by Damer Flinn and has sworn fealty to Rand al'Thor[6].

The Last Battle Edit

During the Last Battle she probably fights in Thakan'dar along the other sworn sisters.

As many Aes Sedai sworn to Rand, Ronaille also probably fights the Last Battle on the slopes of Thakan'dar[7]. Because it is not stated otherwise it can also be presumed that she survives. It is likely that she has resworn the Three Oaths and was officially reinstated as a sister since the Last Battle.


Ronaille's Ajah is never identified in the main books of the saga.

Of the thirty-nine sisters sent to kidnap Rand, 15 were of the Red Ajah. According to Galina Casban, the remaining sisters were 10 of the Green and 12 White Ajahs (the last two are Nesune e Coiren, a Brown and a Gray respectively).

Later Ronaille's Ajah is identified as White in "The Wheel of Time Companion".


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