EWoT: Rosene

Biographical information
Nationality Mayene
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First appeared WH 5
Last appeared COT 7
Occupation Maid

Rosene is one of Berelain's maids, presumably from Mayene like her mistress. She is not pretty, but nondescript, plump and dark-eyed; she looks very much like Nana, Berelain's other maid.


Berelain has Nana and Rosene clean Perrin's clothes. Right after Berelain tells Perrin it would be a pleasure for her to share his bed, Rosene comes in with food for Perrin; her smiles assure him she has overheard. Later, she and Nana talk with Gendar and Santes, Berelain's two thief-catchers, outside their tent. Perrin comes up to them to ask if they know where he can find Masema's men and Rosene mentions to have heard that they are no more two or three miles away.