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EWoT: Rubinde Acedone

Aes Sedai flag ajah-green
Rubinde Acedone
Biographical information
Nationality Mayener
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Hair color Very dark
Eye color Blue, like sapphires
Chronological and political information
First appeared TPOD 25
Last appeared AMOL Epilogue
Affiliation White Tower
Occupation Sitter
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Green Ajah

Rubinde Acedone is an Aes Sedai and a Sitter of the Green Ajah.


Being a Sitter in the Hall means that Rubinde is also a high ranking sister and a strong channeller by Aes Sedai standards. Thus she has the strength needed to use the travel weave.


She is from Mayene.

She was a Sitter for the Green in the Hall of the Tower before the deposition of Siuan Sanche.

Appearance Edit

She has very dark hair with eyes like sapphires.


Following the split in the Tower she placed her allegiance with Elaida and continued as a Sitter for the Green Ajah in the White Tower's Hall.

She is one of the Sitters that meet with Elaida over beginning negotiations with the Rebel Aes Sedai when Alviarin Freidhen returns to the White Tower. She disagrees with her Ajah over these matters.

She is at dinner with Elaida and most of the other Sitters when Elaida begins to taunt Egwene and demands her to stop telling lies about a Seanchan invasion on the White Tower. Egwene refuses and enrages Elaida to the point where she uses the One Power on Egwene, drawing blood and sending her unconscious.

She is also present at Nynaeve's testing for the shawl, where she, along with Lelaine and Barasine, refuses to accept Nynaeve as a full Aes Sedai, due to failing to uphold "proper decorum" and "Aes Sedai calmness". [1]

The Sitters try to hold a secret meeting without Egwene, discussing ways temper the Amyrlin's power when a declaration of war is called. Rubinde voted for a proposal that would allow only Egwene to deal with the monarchy of the world, which includes Rand as he is King of Illian, while the Hall would take over prosecution of the war and deal with Gareth Bryne's army. In that same meeting, Rubinde voted in favor of the new rules and procedures in the Hall, which included temporarily replacing a Sitter when she is absent from the Hall and that no meeting of the Hall can commence without all Sitters and the Amyrlin Seat being present.

She fought in the Last Battle upon the Field of Merrilor. Afterwards, during the supposed funeral of the Lord Dragon, Rubinde is one of four Aes Sedai - the others being Lyrelle, Yukiri and Saerin Asnobar - who persuade Cadsuane Melaidhrin to become the new Amyrlin Seat[2].


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