"Men have thrown their hearts and fortunes at the feet of women who danced the sa'sara."
   —Faile Bashere[1]

The sa'sara is an extremely sensual dance outlawed by several Saldaean queens for its indecency. While known by virtually every noblewoman in Saldaea, few would ever admit to the knowledge. The sa'sara, when done correctly, has the ability to drive men wild. The sa'sara is known to have started three wars and sparked two rebellions, forty-seven unions and feuds between houses, not to mention countless duels and smaller disturbances. Some tell the story of a Saldaean Queen who lost her throne to a rebellion and won it back by seducing the victorious general with the sa'sara. Any Saldaean queen will deny the tale.[2]

Faile Bashere says she may dance it for Perrin one day and make his blood boil in his veins. She says that it makes the Tuatha'an dance, the tiganza, look very modest in comparison.[1]


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