EWoT: Safer

Political information
Type of government Monarchy
Region West Central Westlands
Capital Iman (now Katar)
Cities Miereallen (now Falme), Shainrahien
Historical information
Date of establishment 209 AB
Date of fragmentation After Trolloc Wars
Era After Breaking

Safer was one of the Ten Nations that arose in the aftermath of the Breaking of the World. It fell in the aftermath of the Trolloc Wars.



In red location within the Ten Nations

Safer was located along the west coast of the continent, stretching from the Aryth Ocean to the foothills of the Mountains of Mist and from the River Akuum in the north to the upper Andahar in the south. Maps are unclear but seem to suggest that Safer also held some land east of the mountains, up to the Arinelle. It was bordered by Jaramide, Aridhol, Manetheren and Aelgar. It's capital was Iman, located on the site of the modern Domani city of Katar.

Safer consisted of all of Almoth Plain and Toman Head, as well as the southern parts of Arad Doman and the northern parts of Tarabon.


Safer arose in the aftermath of the Breaking. There are records of it engaging in border clashes with Manetheren to the east. King Eawynd brought Safer into the Compact of the Ten Nations in 209 AB. Safer fought in the Trolloc Wars and suffered tremendous losses. However, it survived the wars only to collapse in their aftermath, reconstituting as the kingdoms of Oman Dashar, Elan Dapor and Darmovan.

Ogier citiesEdit


Compact of the Ten Nations

Aelgar | Almoren | Aramaelle | Aridhol | Coremanda | Eharon | Essenia | Jaramide | Manetheren | Safer

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