EWoT: Serafelle Tanisloe

Aes Sedai flag ajah-brown
Serafelle Tanisloe
Biographical information
Nationality Murandian
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First mentioned NS 6
First appeared TGH 4
Last appeared TDR 18
Affiliation Elaida a'Roihan's White Tower
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Brown Ajah

Serafelle Tanisloe[1] is an Aes Sedai of the Brown Ajah.


Serafelle is 5'4'' tall, and pretty in a plump fashion, with brown hair and large hazel eyes. Sometimes, especially when thinking, she had the physical mannerisms of a spoiled noblewoman, which she was. Serafelle was a wilder who slowed at age nineteen.


Serafelle is not particularly strong in the One Power. Her level of strength is described by "The Wheel of Time Companion" as 23(11) which is a middle/high level in Aes Sedai hierarchy. This level of strength is not enough to open alone a suitable gateway to Travel.


Serafelle is from Murandy. She was born in 862 NE, and she went to the White Tower in 891 NE. After spending ten years as a novice and four years as Accepted, she was raised to the shawl in 905 NE.

She was an Accepted in the White Tower during the Aiel War when the Dragon is reborn.

She was married, but lost her husband and three children to a fever; she herself barely escaped death. Of the middle nobility, she was a pampered, self-indulgent woman, but after the deaths, she reassessed her life and decided to become Aes Sedai. At age twenty-nine, she lied about her age, claiming to be eighteen, in order to be allowed into the Tower.

Two years passed before sisters discovered the truth, and by that time, she had to be allowed to continue. That lie, though, was possibly the reason she was not allowed to test for Accepted for ten years; she believed that, with some justification. She was a quick study and a fast learner—very observant, very intelligent and quick-witted.


Serafelle has a strength level in Saidar of 23/72 (or 11/60 in the former Aes Sedai scale) so she is a middle-high ranking sister by Aes Sedai standards. Based on the Wheel of Time Companion, she is as strong as some Sitters.

She would have become Yellow except that she possessed a minimal Talent for Healing.


Serafelle is one of the representatives of her Ajah to escort the Amyrlin to Fal Dara. She is in the anteroom during Moiraine's audience with Siuan Sanche[2]. With Verin Mathwin she translates the dark prophecy left by Padan Fain and Trollocs in the Fal Dara dungeon. Verin tells Moiraine and Siuan that Serafelle is the only other one to read the Dark Prophecy and that she is too caught up in ancient books to interpret it correctly[3]. Serafelle has told Verin there are many lost books still waiting to be found[4].

She was part of the circle of Aes Sedai who Healed Mat from the evil of Shadar Logoth.[5]

During the Schism Serafelle stayed in the White Tower under the leadership of Elaida.


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