The Serenda Palace is the royal residence and seat of government for the ruler of the kingdom of Amadicia. It is noted for its opulence, where even the servants were red and gold livery.

The Palace was originally built some time after the War of the Hundred Years in the city of Amador. However, in the 930s NE the then-ruler of Amadicia granted permission for the Children of the Light to establish a permanant headquarters in the city, the Fortress of the Light. In less than a single generation the Children became the true power within Amadicia and as a reflection of this, the Serenda Palace was dismantled brick-by-brick and rebuilt two miles outside Amador's city walls.

The most recent resident of the Serenda Palace was King Ailron. After being killed at the Battle of Jeramel, the Seanchan appointed a new king to rule in their name from the Serenda Palace.

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