The Sha'mad Conde is an Aiel warrior society. The name means "Thunder Walkers" in the Old Tongue.


Members of the Sha'mad Conde, along with members of the Aethan Dor, Far Aldazar Din, Duadhe Mahdi'in, Far Dareis Mai, and Seia Doon helped Rand al'Thor find a Portal Stone outside Tear.[1] Rand and Rhuarc sent the Sha'mad Conde as scouts to Cairhien when they learned that the city was under siege by Couladin and the Shaido.[2] All of the societies, including the Sha'mad Conde, accompanied Rand al'Thor from the Sun Palace in Cairhien to Caemlyn in Andor to battle Rahvin and his forces.[3] Thunder Walkers are often thought of as headstrong. Aviendha once told Elayne Trakand, when the Daughter-Heir was being rash, that even Sha'mad Conde know when to be cautious.[4]


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