Members of the Shaarad Aiel.

The Shaarad are one of the twelve Aiel clans. Their clan hold is unknown. They were one of the four clans to cross the Dragonwall during the Aiel War. The Shaarad Aiel had a four-hundred-year-old blood feud with the Goshien clan. However, this rift was healed by the two clan chiefs under Rand's ta'veren influence.

Recent activitiesEdit

The Shaarad clan was among the four that invaded Cairhien during the first Aiel War.

As Rand al'Thor moves across the Waste, the Shaarad and other clans are slowly moving towards Alcair Dal, Rand’s final destination. They join him and his cause shortly thereafter.

They help the Dragon Reborn during the siege of Cairhien.

Rand later sends the Shaarad to the Plains of Maredo when he gathers a massive army in preparation for the attack on Illian.

During the Last Battle the Shaarad fight in Thakan'dar Valley along the other clans.

Notable MembersEdit


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