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EWoT: Shaofan

Biographical information
Nationality Sharan
Current status Unknown
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared LOC 6
Last appeared LOC 6
Affiliation Graendal
Title Sh'botay

Shaofan is, or was, the Sh'botay of Shara until he, along with Sh'boan Chiape, were kidnapped by Graendal as part of a ruse.


Shaofan is a very handsome man who has very dark skin.


Graendal kidnapped both Shaofan and Chiape and placed them under very heavy Compulsion. Graendal did this only to display them to Sammael.[1]


The dissapearance of Shaofan and Chiape from Shara, as well as the rebirth of the Dragon, causes a power vacuum in their native land and war in the country.[2] It is unknown if he was in Natrin's Barrow when Rand al'Thor used balefire against it.[3]


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