EWoT: Shendla

Biographical information
Nationality Sharan
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Chronological and political information
First appeared AMOL 37
Last appeared AMOL 38
Affiliation Bao the Wyld
Rank Ayyad

Shendla is a Sharan female channeler, one of leaders of the Ayyad. Demandred considers her devious, capable, and powerful. Demandred feels affection for her, something that surprises him.

Activities Edit

While Demandred was establishing himself as Bao the Wyld in Shara, Shendla developed a relationship with him. While she is not a Darkfriend, she fought alongside the Forsaken and Shadowspawn, believing that they could save her people if they won.[1]

After Demandred is killed by Lan Mandragoran, Shendla announces his death to her people.[2]


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  2. A Memory of Light, Chapter 38

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