EWoT: Shielyn din Sabura Night Waters

Shielyn din Sabura Night Waters
Biographical information
Nationality Atha'an Miere
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Build Slender
Chronological and political information
First appeared WH 11
Last appeared TOM 36
Affiliation Atha'an Miere
Rank Windfinder

Shielyn din Sabura Night Waters is an Atha'an Miere Windfinder to Zaida din Parede Blackwing.

Appearance Edit

She is very tall and slender. She has narrow eyes with a long neck.

Activities Edit

She is one of the Windfinders who leaves Ebou Dar and is now being tutored by Aes Sedai in Caemlyn.

She is present when Zaida makes a new bargain with Elayne Trakand after having being summoned to Illian by the Atha'an Miere First Twelve.

Zaida is soon raised to Mistress of the Ships and calls another meeting of the First Twelve in Illian. She accompanies Zaida to the meeting with Rand al'Thor's ambassador Logain Ablar. Near the end of the meeting Cemeille din Selaan Long Eyes interrupts with the news of the Amayar committing mass suicide.

Egwene sets up a meeting in Tel'aran'riod, which Shielyn attends, between Aes Sedai, Sea Folk Windfinders, and Aiel Wise Ones. It is decided at the meeting that Accepted will go and train with the Wise Ones for six months and they would then train with the Sea Folk for a further six months before returning back to the White Tower. They would then make a choice a year later on where they would wish to finish their training. Sea Folk and Wise One apprentices would also go through this training program but to the White Tower and the other channeling faction. It is agreed that for every two Accepted who leave, two Wise One apprentices and two Sea Folk apprentices will be exchanged. The Sea Folk Bargain is also modified so that Aes Sedai sisters no longer have to teach Sea Folk Windfinders anymore and that Sea Folk Aes Sedai can now return back to their homeland and be the channelers who teach the Sea Folk Windfinders. Finally all ter'angreal that are already owned by the Aiel or by the Sea Folk cannot be claimed by the White Tower.

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