Shol Arbela is the capital city of Arafel, in the Borderlands. It is the largest city in the kingdom and serves as the seat of the king, currently Paitar Nachiman. Roads link the city to Chachin in Kandor, Fal Moran in Shienar and Tar Valon.

Shol Arbela is known as the City of Ten Thousand Bells. It is an Arafellin custom for men and women to wear bells in their hair, though it is not known whether this is something more connected with Shol Arbela itself or the nation as a whole.

It is one of the large cities in the Westlands that was neither built by Ogier nor founded on an Ogier-built city.

Notable mentions Edit

Ryne Venamar travels out of Shol Arbela to Chachin while guarding a merchant trains, his employer being murdered, possibly by Ryne himself, shortly after arrival.

Noal Charin tells stories of wonders in the Borderlands that he has visited, including Shol Arbela, the City of Ten Thousand Bells.