EWoT: Someryn

Biographical information
Nationality Aiel
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Hair color Sandy yellow, very long
Chronological and political information
First appeared ACOS Prologue
Last appeared COT 9
Affiliation Sevanna
Occupation Wise One
Sept Unknown sept

Someryn is a Wise One of the Shaido Aiel who follows Sevanna.


She is well-endowed, shows even more cleavage than Sevanna, and is very tall. She has very long sandy yellow hair and is very attractive.


She is very strong in the One Power; indeed, she credits herself with never having met a woman who is stronger. That was, until she met Graendal. Nevertheless it means that Someryn is in the top ten of the strongest female channelers in the world, at the same level of some female Forsaken.

This is confirmed in "The Wheel of Time Companion" where her level of strength is described as 4(+9).


Although she is not directly mentioned, she is one of the thirteen Shaido Wise Ones who participated in the murder of Desaine by order of Sevanna.

She fought in the Battle of Dumai's Wells along Sevanna and was one of the first to convince her to flee after the defeat.

She helps to activate the call box and is present when both Caddar and Maisia (Sammael and Graendal) arrive. After the encounter, she speaks of Graendal as "very strong" in the Power. Likewise, Graendal states that "one of those women [Someryn] was not negligible."

She ends up Traveling to Ghealdan. She reached the decision with the other Wise Ones that Sevanna, speaking as a clan chief, is to have Therava as her advisor, starting to oppose Sevanna and taking away some of her power.

After the Wise Ones question a Seanchan soldier, they make Galina swear to the Oath Rod to obey them, Sevanna and Therava most of all. Some time after Someryn and Therava bring Galina to Faile and the other captives to Heal "Sevanna's new gai'shain".

She has Faile Bashere, who has been made one of Sevanna's special gai'shain, spy on Sevanna and report back all information to her.

Someryn was most likely captured as damane by the Seanchan during the Battle of Malden.