Bailey's Crossroads, VA KoD signing, 20 October 2005 - report by ErikEdit

posted at rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

I showed up about 8 or 8:15, and the place had cleared out, there was no line so I walked right up to him at the table where he was signing. I arrived the same time as his wife/editor Harriet (I assume it was her, black hair with a shock of white hair in the front; RJ asked her if she'd found an Indian place for dinner, so I leaped to the Harriet conclusion).

Anyway, I gave him the book, told him I was liking it so far, and asked him how he keeps track of all the random AS? I was just kinda making polite chit-chat, and hadn't planned a question.

So he launched into what sounded like a stock response about keeping a computer file of all the "initiates of the White Tower" with detailed descriptions, etc, and he finished with saying that it's a really big file, 2.5 megs. Without really thinking about it, I said "wow, so how am I supposed to keep track of all that without that file?"

The store manager standing behind RJ gave a little nervous laugh, and Harriet, jumps in and said "you're just supposed to be dazzled."

"OK," I respond, and gave a kinda questioning look to RJ.

"Read, read" he answers.

"Sure. Thanks for signing your book."

I was in and out in like 3 minutes and home for Lost. Good times.


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