Bailey's Crossroads, VA KoD signing, 20 October 2005 - report by John NowackiEdit

posted at rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

On the signing at Borders in Bailey's Crossroads earlier tonight:

From what I saw, not much to report. After the usual remarks about pronunciation, when the next book will come out, the next book is the last no matter how long it is, and so on, he signed a few books and then remembered he was supposed to do a brief Q&A.

He gave one RAFO when asked whether Siuan and Leane would be back to full strength if stilled again and then Healed by a man. Nothing else really stood out among the questions I heard then or when he was back to signing books. He did say that Ilyena was an AS when asked, but that's hardly big news.

On this "outrigger" trilogy, as he called it, where he might revisit the WOT universe for some books that don't involve the main characters we know, he was hesitant and said it's something he's just mulling over for now. He doesn't know when he'll get to the other prequel short novels, either, but at least whenever that happens it will be after the next book is finished. A WOT encyclopedia is next then, followed by that Infinity of Heaven series -- he called it a trilogy, for whatever that's worth.

So, not much like signings for earlier books when you could count on some interesting answers. I'm not sure whether that's because of the turn that the series has taken or because it's pointless to try to get him to answer anything useful.

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