Bailey's Crossroads, VA KoD signing, 20 October 2005 - report by Robert MeeEdit

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Alright, so here it is...

The signing in Bailey's Crossroads went well, about 96 attendees (a LOT less than last time)... and RJ looked good. Definitely lost weight. He started out talking a little bit about his writing, mentioned that he was considering 2 or 3 "outrigger" novels... written in WoTverse, but apart from the main thrust of the story (and not including the prequels). In regards to Asmodean, if it seems logical to have a character come forward in the 12th book and claim the murder, he'll write that. If not we have to wait until the release of the PAPERBACK of book 12 to find out. RJ then proceeded to sign some books (he was stopped right after my friend) and was dragged back to do a Q&A before signing the rest. I actually met a guy named Shawn who was a much into the books as I was and we passed information back and forth, so some of this information is thanks to him, too.

Stedding: Neither the OP NOR the TP will work in a stedding. Did not get a chance to ask about whether Far Madding = Stedding.

Someone asked about using the Oath Rod or the Three Arches for Accepted Testing in T'A'R and RJ said that they would not work the same way.

When the Blight receded in EotW, the plants actually healed (new plants didn't immediately appear from elsewhere).... minor detail, but good to know.

Siuan and Leane being stilled again and healed by a male to full strength... "RAFO, because I might decide to use that as a plot device!" (That got a few chuckles).

The Book of Translation (Ogier thing) was RAFO'd when asked if it was a Ter'angreal or a dictionary/map.

Verin is NOT, nor has she ever been, a librarian of the 13th Depository. I got a DIRECT ANSWER, not a RAFO. My question was "Was Verin a librarian of the 13th Depository?" (To include both past and present). The response was "No." ...which I followed up with "So she's just a bit weird and knows a lot?" and that response was "Pretty much."

And (drumroll)..... The question regarding the Gauntleted Fist clutching the three Lightning Bolts... at first he thought I was talking about the chapter icon, which he said he has no control over, but referenced something about Trollocs. When I explained that I meant the sigil we'd seen in Tear and on Sammael's Throne and Mazrim Taim's (Mazh-rim Ta-eem)'s throne.... his response was "Oh! That...I... I'm going to have to tell you to read and find out." Bah!

So who has the next signing?


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