Posted by Robert Jordan on September 15th, 2005 in the Robert Jordan's Blog category

Hi, guys. Jason at Dragonmount set this up for me so I can talk to you directly now and then without having to ask him to make a post for me. I won’t be posting often, and certainly not regularly. Just when I have something to say. That’s it for now. An announcement to WATCH THIS SPACE. I am trying to fight off a nasty cold while dreading the early morning drive tomorrow to Winston-Salem for SEBA, the Southeastern Booksellers Association convention, so I will sign off now to try to get a little rest.

Take care, guys.


PS For the European fans and those planning to fly to Copenhagen, Tor Books informed me this morning that they asked Fantask to remove Knife of Dreams from the shelves until the official laydown date, and Fantask has complied. Sorry about that. Well, not too sorry. It was very bad of Fantask to try to break the laydown date.

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