Posted by Jason on April 20th, 2006 in the Robert Jordan's Blog category

Hi everyone — No, this is not Robert Jordan writing. I am invading his blog in order to upload some pictures that he asked me to pass along. I’ve not quite figured out a way to have him post this many pictures directly to his blog.

Here they are: the eagerly-awaited before and after pictures. Click each image to see the larger version.

The first batch of pictures he sent along were all of the “Before” pictures (with hair). In reference to those Before pics, RJ wrote the following:

Dear Jason,
Here are some pictures you can post when and as you want. Please give a photo credit line for William P. McDougal to all of the pictures except the one of three of us. That photo show my cousin Wilson, on the right, my younger brother Reynolds, in the middle, and me standing in front of a portrait of Harriet that hangs in our dining room.
The other pics are partly of me before starting the chemo and partly of me after my first chemo, after I decided not to wait for the hair to start going in patches. I went straight to the barber and told him to take it all off except the beard.

The “After” pictures were sent shortly after that. Photo credits for those also go to William P. McDougal.















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