Posted by Jason on May 3rd, 2006 in the Robert Jordan's Blog category

Hi everyone,

Jason here. RJ asked that I post the following pictures of his cousin Wilson. (See his other blog post to see what he was talking about) Here’s the note he sent along with the photos:

Here are a couple of pictures of my Cousin Wilson which I would appreciate you posting. He is as close to me as a brother, and in fact has always been called the fourth of the three Rigney brothers. He is also the first to come through with the promise to shave his head when my hair fell out. In fact, he didn’t wait. When I had my hair clippered, he had his shaved.

Click each image to see a larger version.

Is it just me or do the Rigney men have heads that are great for shaving?

BTW — Sorry that it took me a few days to do this. I was out of town until today.


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