Posted by Robert Jordan on June 12th, 2006 in the Robert Jordan's Blog category

First off, guys, I want to thank Lewis Nemes for making a donation to the Mayo Clinic Hematologic Malignancies Program — Amyloidosis Research. Thanks much!

Now. I got some news last week, and I am holding at about a 97% confidence level that it is about as good as it can get for me. A recent blood test looking for lambda light chains (an indication of amyloid production) showed a normal ratio, and if that is right, it means a complete hematologic response, a total stoppage of amyloid production. We won’t know for sure until I get tested again at the Mayo Clinic, where they have much more sensitive tests. That will happen in mid-July. If this information is right, though, I just jumped from a median life expectancy of one year to a median expectancy of six years. And that will be terrific news! It will mean that my heart has a chance to begin healing to whatever extent it can. It just doesn’t get any better than that. I already have a bottle of bubbly in the icebox awaiting confirmation.

Well, take care, guys. I just wanted to share the (tentative) good news.

Talk to you again soon.


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