Cambridge, MA KoD signing, 13 October 2005 - report by basri...@gmail.comEdit

posted at rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

I was there too, but didn't get to ask a question during the Q&A session.

I've never seen him without the hat and sunglasses before, so I guess he looked healthy.

Someone else mentioned how they liked the way he writes political figures as self-interested people who truely believe they are doing whatever is right for the common good. RJ agreed with this and said that that's what he believes the vast majority of polititians are like. There are of course some who are corrupt. He then told a story of a frightening meeting with a man (I forget the name) who was ex-KGB and connected to powerful Russian polititians and liked his books, who then asked RJ how he knows what he knows. A sweating RJ then told the man they first had to agree on what it is that he knows.

During the signing, I got to ask whether there exists a type of balance or opposite to the True Power the way there is with saidar and saidin. He said no, and decribed how they are different, mostly stuff that is already known. THe two sides of the one power being different and from the creater and keeping the wheel turning and all that. Hi did mention that when a channeler uses a weave (either saidar or saidin) and releases the weave, the power flows back into the available pool of saidar or saidin. It is never used up, and so it is like an infinite resevour of power. The True power is not like this at all. The TP comes from the dark one of course.

I thought this was interesting. Did this imply that the amount of TP is finite? Does it drain the DO to use the TP? I didn't get to ask. Maybe there's a way to destroy the DO here?

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