Cambridge, MA KoD signing, 13 October 2005 - report by mashiaramanda88Edit

originally posted at Wotmania

The Boston Signing
mashiaramanda88 - 10/14/2005 7:34:15 AM

Hi folks. The Boston book signing was last night, and I must say, some eventful comments were made by the Creator. Most importantly, he said that AFTER the prequels, he may write another book or books in the WOT universe. He said he would never do it unless he had an amazing story, and he said he now has one kicking around. EXCELLENT! Secondly, he adressed "Who killed Asmodean" for the 3,000th time, and he told us all to most importantly look for MOTIVE and OPPORTUNITY. Lastly, I asked (which is the question I asked last year, but all I got was a RAFO) if he could throw us a bone as to where to look for clues to who Mesaana is in the tower. He did not, in fact, throw me a bone. All in all, the signing was great. He was funny, candid, and looked great. He really makes a point to take time with each person in line signing books. Hope some of you can make it to a signing this year.

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