Charlotte, NC KoD signing 4 November 2005 - report by Karana MajinEdit

originally posted at Dragonmount

Robert Jordan Book Signing Report - Charlotte, N.C. Nov. 4th

Posted: Sat Nov 05, 2005 2:51 pm

Well, I came away from another book signing feeling like RJ was a bit of a pretentious ****. However, 10 of my 12 books were signed (including the RPG book), so I dragged myself to this one to get the last two signed as well.

It started out with him talking a bit, maybe 10 minutes. Same spiel as always, the next book will be out right after he finishes it, he won't tell who killed asmodean and there will only be absolutely one more book, even if it's a 2000 page hardcover.

He then entertained questions from the audience. I wrote down the ones I felt hadn't been asked and answered to death before (who were these people? Don't they know real fans discuss this crap to death on message boards?)

1. Q: During Moiraine's practice for the test for Aes Sedai, she works on a weave that produces a coin that is cool to the touch. She thinks the weave is useless. Is this some sort of component of the weaves that made Mat's medallion? A: No.

2. Q: Are the Seafolk marriage customs based on any real culture that you know of? A: No, they were made up in his head.

3. Q: Can the Tower of Ghenjei be reached through any of the Portal Stones? A: No.

4. Q: Any news on the movies of the books? A: He just got back from Hollywood where he was had extensive talks with the producers. It appears that they are about 8 weeks from a draft of the script. He was happy with the screenwriters and the plot summary. He had extensive input and veto/suggestion type powers, but he will not have any input into actor choices.

5. Q: At one point, Lanfear reflects that she was about as powerful as it was possible to be. Is there an upper limit to human channeling ability, some sort of asymptote that channelers approach but never pass beyond? (This was asked by me!) A: Yes, there is an upper limit. In terms of the channeling of raw amounts of the One Power, men can handle more than women. However, women are much more dextrous in their ability to use the One Power, so for all extents and purposes, they are equal in their abilities to do and create Weaves and are mostly equal to each other.

That's it, hope this informed and entertained you.

Karana Majin

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