Charlotte, NC KoD signing 4 November 2005 - report by bluecoleEdit

originally posted at Cold Rocks Hold message board

Whew!! 14 something hours and 600 miles. I'm tired.

Anyway, here's the big things i learned at the signing:

While RJ was on the west coast, he looked over and approved an outline for the screenplay for tEotW. HE expects to have the script on his desk in about 8 weeks.

He has said previously that he will not write anymore book in the WoT universe once he finishes the main storyline , plus the two "outrigger" prequel novels.Tonight, he Amended that and said (paraphrase) "I won't write in this universe again unless i have a great idea. Well, I think i have had that idea, but it will take me a while ( a year or two) to poke and prod it to see if it is worth writing."

Before i went, i asked everybody what questions to ask. Isabel Sedi said:

"How did Be'lal recognize that Moiraine is intending to use balefire against him before Moiraine released the balefire? And how did Moiraine sensed the balefire Rand used?"

RJ responed with the most empathic "RAFO" of the evening.Jumped all over it, in fact. So i think that says several things, but that's another thread.

So that's all the big stuff. .. . . but here's a bit more.

He & Harriet will produce an encyclopedia after the main series is done.

You CANNOT reach the Tower of Ghengi thru the portal stones. (direct from RJ)

I heard that he has reveresed his position on telling us who killed Asmo. (after the paperback of aMoL comes out) This was NOT confirmed by RJ

The theory that Demi is using Balefire at the direction of the DO to loosen the weave of the pattern is squashed by RJ (confirmed)

Okay, that all i can remember at this point. . . .more may come to mind after i get some rest. Anything else he said, he said before. . . No male nudity. . . he will punch the first person to ask who killed Asmo. . . no comment on boxers/briefs. . . .however, he didn't go thru the list of pronunciations, kinda a surprise. . . did prompt the women for questions.

I will post pictures when i get them.

Thanks, B.

I got all my books signed. . .. all the WoT, the big white book, two of the Fallon series, and my two russian 1st ed.

RJ & harriet are the coooolest.

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