From Dragonmount:

ShaiZ: Brandon who is your favourite character from Wot? Or do you have one

Erik Holmes: Sup Brandon

Brandon: Oh, look. Howard is here too.

East_Coast_Girl: You've met Mr Jordan right?

Milk Man: how much flack have you gotton for the deadline changes for WOT?

Brandon: Favorite Character: Probably Perrin, most days. It's hard to say. It's the one I'm writing at the moment, usually.

Howard Tayler: Lurking. Don't worry, I won't make a nuisance of myself. :-)

Stefan: So we know in Eye of the World, there was somebody who talked in capital letters like how the DO did. Obviously you can't tell us who it was, but will we know by the end of AMOL?

Brandon: Have I met Mr. Jordan: Saw him once at a convention. Was too chicken to go meet him. Still feel stupid.

East_Coast_Girl: ahhh

Brandon: Hey, Erik. How's California?

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Brandon: How much flack have I gotten: Oh, a medium amount. Most were mad at the start, but my post about why we split calmed many. Reading TGS calmed many more.

Erik Holmes: Its not too bad, just been going to the beach (a LOT--my wifes a surfergirl) and trying to get my flippin book done

zebobes: When did you get the idea to connect many of your different novels into one cosmere?

Milk Man: Glad to hear they understood!

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Brandon: I think, reading TGS, people could see just how much still has to be done in these books. So they understood I couldn't fit it all in one volume.

Erik Holmes: It better have, TGS was one of the best in the series imo

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zebobes: I really enjoyed t

Dylan: Great job on TGS. I'm excited for ToM and AMOL.

zebobes: GS too

Milk Man: We're you on set today? where are we going to see the trailer for AMOL?

Brandon: ALL CAPS VOICE IN EOTW: I know what that was about. WIll it be in the next book. Er...Rafo. Sorry.

Stefan: I liked the pace of TGS, your writing style fit the book really well, made it seem like the last battle was urgent

East_Coast_Girl: TBH I was a little mad that Robert Jordan wasn't gonna finish WOT (actually make that a LOT mad) but I've kinda mellowed a bit

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Stefan: Will we know by the end of the series though?

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BooYaBiatch: Sup Brandon you awesome

Dylan: Do we see Rand much in the new book? Or will he be like Perrin, Mat or Elayne in TGS

Dylan: By next book do you mean TOM?

reTaardad: Will we see the prologue of TofM soon or is that still up to the publisher?

Brandon: When did I decide to connect my novels: Long before Elantris was published. In 99, I'd say. Maybe 98.

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Brandon: Re: The Set of the trailer for TofM. I couldn't make it out. Too much work to do. But I did get some exclusive pictures sent to me from Jason.

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Stefan: the prologue didnt come out till september last year, and peter mentioned that it wouldnt be sooner than that reTaardad

beckster45: what has been the most difficult part of finishing the WOT?

East_Coast_Girl: I'm a bit curious now to see how you finish it Mr Sanderson

Brandon: I'd say the trailer will be soon. After Tor and Harriet approve it. Maybe for Dragoncon?

Erik Holmes: Brandon/Howard, do you guys try to get all of the local authors on Writing Excuses?

Semirhage666: How dare you kill me off! And with balefire no less! Explain yourself!

Erik Holmes: The published ones that is

Stefan: haha

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East_Coast_Girl: semirhage LOL

Milk Man: Trailer,: will it only be seen at Dragoncon?

Erik Holmes: lol@semirhage

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Brandon: Re: Being mad that Robert Jordan didn't finish the book. I'm there with you all the way. Perhaps I shouldn't admit this, but a good friend and I used to have a thing where we would shake our fists at the sky whenever Mr. Jordan's name was mentioned. (This was before he died.)

Howard Tayler: @Erik Local authors are like Pokemon. We have to catch them all.

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Brandon: Re: Stefan Will we know about the Voice by the end of the series? I really can't say yes or no. This is one of the things Harriet has asked me to be very quiet about.

Stefan: gotcha, thanks

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Hamm: good evening everyone

Hamm: just finished reading the backlog

East_Coast_Girl: Mr Sanderson honestly you wouldn't believe the fits I went through right after he died, but purely for selfish reasons: I wanted to know who killed Asmo NAO!!

Semirhage666: I did

Erik Holmes: My buddy lives in Linden and just signed a big deal with S&S for a YA spec fiction book. But the guys a hermit and doesn't know any of the local people

Brandon: Re: Will we see Rand in the next book? YES. The book will not be a 100% flash-back like Bk 10. There will be a little bit of catch-up for Perrin, but Egwene and Rand both have large parts too.

East_Coast_Girl: semirhage XD

beckster45: is Mat in the TOM?

Hamm: ECG: I'd be willing to bet he actually understands quite well. After all, Brandon was a fan of WoT, just like the rest of us.

MagickalMan: Brandon, is the hardest part of writing the WoT keeping up with the 12,000 and some odd major and minor characters?

East_Coast_Girl: yeah

Howard Tayler: @Erik Get him out to LTUE. We don't bite very hard.

Dylan: Interesting... So much left to do.

Brandon: Re: The prologue of TofM. You are right, that's up to the publisher. I'd guess you will see it around September, maybe a little later than last year. But you will probably see it early.

reTaardad: @beckster, I'd assume he is, since he's on the cover.

beckster45: never

Dylan: Tower of Genji time, I hope...

Semirhage666: Will you do another signing tour thing this fall/winter?

beckster45: may be a quick mention

Brandon: Re: What has been the most difficult part of writing the books. I'd say it's split between a couple of things.

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RLRHorrocks: What happened to Elayne? It seemed she fell off the earth in the last book.

Erik Holmes: @Howard, yeah I've been telling him that he should go. His series is supposed to fill the slot left by the Spiderwick Chronicles.

Brandon: First: Keeping track of all of the characters. (Like remembering which Aes Sedai are with which main character, and which members of the Black Tower are which rank.) Got one of those wrong in the book, by the way.

Dylan: I miss Bridgette's scenes

East_Coast_Girl: please no spoilers though : I haven't read the latest book

beckster45: will we see Birgitte in TOM?

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Brandon: Second: Making sure everyone's voice (the characters) is correct. That's the most important thing, and I spent a lot of time on it.

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reTaardad: @East_Coast_Girl: I'd say a Q&A with Brandon is not the place to be if you're avoiding spoilers.

daygroomer: I think you did a good job Brandon.

The Order Of The 17th Shard: Hey Brandon, any chance you'll be having pre approved "Storm Leader" type things for the way of kings tour?

daygroomer: Hello by the way

beckster45: i can tell you spent lots of time on the voices Brandon it really came TGS in a day

East_Coast_Girl: @retaardad

zebobes: What will happen to the 5th Alcatraz novel if Scholastic doesn't pick it up?

MagickalMan: It shows, I guess the best compliment I can give is that half way through TGS I forgot that Jordan hadn't written it.

Milk Man: agree with reTaardad..

Brandon: Re: How do we get all the authors on Writing Excuses. Honestly, we don't have much trouble. Authors like to talk. (See: This conversation.) Give them a platform, and most will talk. Particularly on a podcast with a lot of listeners.

Erik Holmes: Brandon, when does your tour for WoK start? I saw that you would be out this way later on in the month

East_Coast_Girl: @reTaardad I already discovered a really big fat one before

Hamm: haha, semirhage asked the same thing I was hoping to ask, though I'll be more specific. Brandon, I'm not sure how much control you have over all the locations you do signings, but I'm interested to know if you'll be stopping off at Vromans in Pasadena again this year for TofM.

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EricJamesStone: What is the sister ship of the Pacific Jewel cruise ship? What was the first DVD by the Christian metalcore band Underoath? When did the Center for Survey Research at Ohio State University close? (Hope these questions are random enough.)

Brandon: Semirhage. I'm sorry. I did what I did because I love you.

daygroomer: Sorry let me clarify you did a good job picking up WoT

Erik Holmes: LMAO@Stone

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beckster45: yes he did day.......couldn't have been much better!!

Howard Tayler: @EJS The peanut gallery is up here. From the front row you're actually going to hit Brandon with the peanuts.

daygroomer: I had reread them all right b4 yours came out and it just flowed

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Brandon: Re: The trailer for TofM. It will NOT be seen only at Dragoncon. It should be posted all over the place.

East_Coast_Girl: Oh Mr Sanderson do you work with any of the major WOT fan sites like the Encyclopaedia or Dragonmount?

Stefan: Has Mat's answer from the finns about liiving and dying already happened?

Rword: I don't have a specific question for you Brandon, just wanted to say I love your work.

Semirhage666: Do you have any idea when the "encyclopedia" thing Harriet's working on will be out?

Brandon: Erik: We'd love to have him on.

Milk Man: Good to know, thanks Brandon i read Elantris when i heard you were taking over and have officially became a fan of your writing, Thank you for that!

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Semirhage666: @Stefan wasn't that fulfilled when he was hung from Avendasora?

Stefan: thats what im wondering

EricJamesStone: @Howard I'm allergic to peanuts.

Stefan: whether that was it or not

East_Coast_Girl: but i thought Matt DIDN'T die when he got hung, just came really close ...

Brandon: Re: Asmo. If you haven't heard, I DO know, and it WILL be in the books. Somewhere. I can't say if it will be in TofM or not.

Howard Tayler: @EJS Raisinettes, then.

AgentNZ: Brandon, Have you ever been to New Zealand?

Stefan: yeah, that's why curious ECG

Milk Man: Stefen i would think it would be...

Brandon: Re: Mat in TofM. Yes. Lots of Mat. Promise.

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MagickalMan: Matt died and then Rand used Balefire and turned back time.

Rword: From the title and cover I figured Matt would have to be in it a lot.. lol

Stefan: right facepalm i dont know how i forgot that

RLRHorrocks: If he had actually died when he was hung, Rand wouldn't have been able to bring him back. (i.e.: crazy puppet girl in the Stone)

MagickalMan: just another instance

Brandon: Re: All the minor characters. You got it exactly. That is TOUGH. Obviously, I can keep track of the mains. But those minor characters... It takes a LOT of work to make sure I'm getting them all.

Milk Man: right!! Magic man, with the lightning

EricJamesStone: @Howard The Raisinette Gallery would not be a good name for a rock band.

Golffuul: Brandon: I was interested in knowing what it is that you research for your books and how you go about doing it. Thanks

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Semirhage666: What will Moiraine

Rword: Is Maria your fountain of knowlege?

Semirhage666: 's first words be when she gets back to the real world

beckster45: Brandon i would like to thank you for being so very available to you fans and so good at keeping us up to date about your work!!

Hamm: @Brandon RE: minor characters - I'm sure it would. Especially when it is not a story of your own weaving. No matter how often you go back to the source material, it has to be a daunting task to keep track of everything.

Brandon: Re: Signing this fall. I WILL be doing a signing for TofM in November. Right now, it's looking like New York, Texas, Charleston, Salt Lake, and maybe one or two other dates. And maybe Paris. (A con over there has invited me.)

MagickalMan: Yeah, those minors have to be a pain, I can only imagine

Howard Tayler: Brandon, the current ep. of Writing Excuses has some fun stuff from you on the re-write process for ToM.

daygroomer: @Semirhage "Rand what the hell have you been DOING?"

Hamm: oh lord. I'm going to have to drive from CA all the way to Salt Lake City huh?

Stefan: @Semirhage, "I was captured by the finns and all I got was this lousy hat"

Rword: I agree with beckster45. You are very forthcoming with your writing and we do appreciate it

Brandon: Re: Elayne. It was tough to decide that Elayne would not appear in TGS. I knew we didn't have room for everyone.

zebobes: @Howard Taylor Oh good, I just downloaded it

East_Coast_Girl: i find it EXTREMELY humerous that there are at LEAST two seperate charaters (maybe 3 i think) that have my given name or a variant thereof

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The Order Of The 17th Shard: @Howard Lol at the shameless plug

MagickalMan: Right up untol the 8th book I kept a full plot graph with Excel, the spreadsheet reached like 65MB, that's pretty big.

Brandon: Thing is, Elayne was way ahead of everyone else in her plotline. (Meaning what she needed to get done.) And so, with great regret, I moved her to TofM.

Brandon: She will appear, as will her wonderful warder.

MysticFyre: Brandon.....just how much sleep per night ARE you getting?

East_Coast_Girl: mysticfyre 1 hour to recharge

Dylan: Does Gawayne have any fans???

Stefan: no

Semirhage666: noipe

Luckers: Was Elayne's 'relief' Rand felt in tGS the relief of gaining the throne, or is that tying to more recent events? Like, is Rand up to date with Elayne yet?

East_Coast_Girl: ahha!

daygroomer: @Brandon AWESOME!!! I like Elayne. Can't wait for the babies to be born

Stefan: he's a whiner, even his girlfriend think he's a loser

Semirhage666: nope

reTaardad: @Dylan: Maybe Gawyn does, though.

Rword: I like Gawayne. Very honorable!

Milk Man: i agree with Rword

Brandon: Re: Storm Leader type things for KINGS. I'm thinking we'll try something else that tour. The Storm Leaders were awesome, but we had Jason to set that all up. I may return to doing something like that on another tour, but this one will involve something else. I'll explain eventually.

East_Coast_Girl: anyway folks it's been rally nice chatting with you Mr Sanderson and all, but I don't want any more spoilers

East_Coast_Girl: Night all

Dylan: Gawyn, okay....

Milk Man: he has the same shortcommings as others, he's a little Thickheaded, but he'll hopefully get over it..

Hamm: good night

Dylan: I mean, he stops the rescue of Suian...

Rword: He has the honor of his brother without being a big snot

baldwinsusa: I like how your book covers mysteriously lead us into wrong conclusions about who characters are. Who comes up with that? You mostly, or does publisher have input??

Rword: sorry, I can't spell

daygroomer: I think Aviendha is pregnant too...

Brandon: Re: 5th Alcatraz novel. Well, I do want to write it, and Tor would publish it in a second--but I can't take time away from wot right now. So MAYBE Tor will publish it. A lot depends on the film, which is being developed by Dreamworks Animation.

beckster45: will we see Galad in TOM?

Milk Man: will Rand ever voice his known connection to his half brother?

Erik Holmes: How is Min NOT preggo

Brandon: The dreamworks option runs out in December.

Hamm: @Erik: bad eggs?

beckster45: good question erik!

Stefan: she takes some sort of herbs Erik, she offered them to Elayne, but elayne wanted rands babies

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daygroomer: @Erik true but I think she was taking a tea to avoid it

Stefan: or some sort of tea

Stefan: yeah

Brandon: Also, I will have to go before too long. So get your questions in soon. I will post a "All questions after this will have to wait until next time" in a few moments.

reTaardad: @Erik: She probably jumps up and down 9 times after sex, it totally works.

MagickalMan: I thought everyone knew that Gawyn would end up marrying The First of Mayene.

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Stefan: haha

MysticFyre: @MM....

daygroomer: tried that retaarded I got 6 kids instead

Dylan: Is there any male characters who don't know they can channel, but will learn???

The Order Of The 17th Shard: Will there be time for a Q&A at the eagle mountain signing on the 31st of July?

Brandon: I take it as a great compliment when people say that, while reading TGS, they forgot Mr. Jordan hadn't written it.

toaster J: What original magic system are you the most proud of?

Rword: I couldn't tell what was his and what was yours. THANKS!

Milk Man: galad is to marry that hussy

Brandon: TWoK tour starts August 31st. Lasts about 3 weeks, with Dragoncon in the middle.

koboldninja: Which of your books was your favorite to write thus far, and why?

Hamm: @Brandon: While I'm sure you have greatly enjoyed finishing the WoT series, do you look forward to being finished with writing them and being able to return to a more normal writing schedule?

MagickalMan: It's true, I remember closing the book at one point and reading the author and thought, "d#mn, he really did that".

Golffuul: Brandon: I was interested in your insights as to what kind of subject matter you research for your books?

Brandon: Okay, I will answer all questions before this post. When I reach this post, I'll have to leave. (Very sorry.)

daygroomer: @Brandon so true. My brother (who's son is named Perrin BTW) were talking and could only pinpoint 1 oe 2 pages that were definitely yours

Luke Chant: Will Hoid be making an appearance in any of the remaining WoT books?

Howard Tayler: @17th Shard -- The Eagle Mountain Signing will have some Writing Excuses episodes recorded, so we 'll almost certainly do Q&A.

Luckers: No problems Brandon. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this.

Erik Holmes: LOL@Luke

toaster J: Thank you Mr. Sanderson

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Stefan: oh hey luckers

Luckers: Lol at Luke Chant

beckster45: thank you for you very valuable time Brandon!!!!!!

Golffuul: Yes...thanks so much for your time

Luckers: hey stefan

Stefan: i was just putting together a post about the questions for dragonmount

Brandon: Re: Will I come to Vroman's again? I probably will. But I love Mysterious Galaxy in San Diego so much that if I only have one day for touring in SoCal, I usually end up there. If I have a second day, it will be Vromans. Maybe next year. Probably not for TofM. (Sorry!)

MagickalMan: It's been a pleasure reading your thoughts, all the best to you and yours.

Luckers: I already have it logged in. It'll go in the stuck thread

daygroomer: TY Brandon

Stefan: ok cool

Stefan: do you have the whole chat? i cant remember when you got here

MysticFyre: Thanks, Brandon, for doing this. You are an amazing writer and you certainly use today's medium (the net) to a great advantage . As a great fan of both yours and RJ's I am grateful.

Milk Man: yes, thank you very much Brandon!!

Brandon: To Eric's random questions: Remind you to make you pay next time we go out to eat.

Hamm: @Brandon: I drove down to Mysterious Galaxy before. That's a huge improvement over driving to Salt Lake City.

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daygroomer: ;lol

Erik Holmes: I was just at Mysterious Galaxy for GRRM

The Order Of The 17th Shard: @Howard Thank you! I'll be seeing you guys there then

Hamm: I went to Mysterious Galaxy in May for Robin Hobb's signing

Sugarcat: Don't really have any questions, but just wanted to say hi and thank you for all the work and time you're putting into the books

daygroomer: Brandon I am impressed by how prolific a writer you are iin all mediums

MagickalMan: Martin scares me, I hope he gets to finish a SoIaF

Brandon: Re: Do I work with any major Fan sites. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Encycolpaeda WoT, Tar Valon's Wiki, and the 13th depository. (Wow, probably didn't spell that one right.) I really like Dragonmount, but I end up working with Jason more than hanging out there.

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daygroomer: My son Liam is bugging me to tell you he said Hi!!!

EricJamesStone: @Brandon You got it. 99-cent menu at Wendy's, here we come!

Erik Holmes: Yeah, GRRM is getting old. If he dies Brandon will have to finish his series too

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Brandon: Re: Mat's dying. In the books, Mat says that he's "Pretty Sure" that he'd already died. So use that as a guide.

MysticFyre: @Erik! What an idea!!!! I vote for that

Stefan: gotcha, thanks

Hamm: @Erik: be quiet, brandon might have to kill you! laughs

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Brandon: Re: Loving my work. Thank you so much, all of you.

MagickalMan: Brandon, I think, might have issues with some of Martin's "themes". heh

daygroomer: which Wendy's?

Paige from NM: RE: May dying... Yes! Theory corroborated. Thanks, Brandon... And "what's up?!"

Brandon: Re: Harriet's Encyclopedia. She says that it will come out one year after AMOL. She wants it to be complete, and include all of the inforamtion through the last book. She and Maria are working hard on it.

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Stefan: luckers, do you have the whole chat logged? i cant remember when you logged in

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Erik Holmes: Mat can't die, RJ talked about giving him a book after AMOL

Luckers: I think so. We can compare notes and compile it together if your willing?

Stefan: yeah for sure

Hamm: I have the full chat log

Stefan: i'm StefanR over on DM

Brandon: Re: Another Mat being hung confirmation. Like I said, Mat's pretty sure that counted for him dying. He really doesn't want to try anything like that again...

Hamm: well, from Brandon joining onward, anyways

Luckers: Yeah I know.

Luckers: Hamm are you on DM?

EricJamesStone: @daygroomer A random Wendy's, in keeping with the random theme.

Stefan: i have to run fairly soon, but I'll leave the window open, and when I come on later, I can copy the whole chat over to you in a pm

Hamm: I'm not, actually

Hamm: but maybe I should be

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Luckers: for sure.

Brandon: Re: New Zealand. (Sp?) Sorry about my spelling, by the way. I'm bad enough when going slowly. Anyway, I've never been to Australia or New Zealand. I'd love to visit both. And not just because it's Middle Earth.

daygroomer: lol well let me know I'll be there

Brandon: New Zealand is Middle Earth, that is. Not sure what Australia is....

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daygroomer: yeah thinking maybe I should be on DM

Hamm: South Earth, obviously

Luckers: We'd love to have you out here Brandon (I'm an Auslander) And we're the land of the madmen

MagickalMan from x.x.x.177 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Luckers: Demandred's not here. Just to be clear

Erik Holmes: lol, I think Australia is the Final Empire minus the ash

Cullen: Do you have any plans to release early drafts of Way of Kings or any other future books?

MagickalMan: I loved NZ, the Kiwi's are great people, most beautiful place on Earth.

Brandon: Re: Research for my books. I do a lot of broad-based reading in historical works. Things like the History of Warfare and the like. From there, I decide what I need to know for a specific book. For Mistborn, I read a lot on Canal Culture, Alchemy, Eunics, and early 1800's London. Mostly survey works.

daygroomer: Brandon when do you find time to teach?

daygroomer: I've read a couple of your posts where you are grading papers

Erik Holmes: I'm convinced that Brandon stole that watch things from Hermonie in Prisoner of Askaban

Brandon: Re: What will Moiraine say when she gets back to the Real World? Oh, you totally knew I was going to RAFO that. ... RAFO. (Also, that's not a promise she will be back. RAFO that too.)

daygroomer: @Erik YES!!!!

Brandon: Re: Maria my fountain of knowledge. Yes, yes, yes. Her and Alan are VERY useful. Encyclopaeda WOT is my starting point, and they are my deep-researchers.

beckster45: now Brandon the is just plain MEAN about Moraine!

Erik Holmes: Moiraine will say, "Three girls Rand, really?"

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daygroomer: you slT Rand!!

Luckers: She'd ask him if he'd make it four, but the rings told her that would be a disaster

Semirhage666: I think she will say "Holy shit, Traveling!"

daygroomer: okay thanks Brandon gotta go

Brandon: Re: Drive from CA to Salt Lake City. Well, if you want Numbered copies...yes. But I WILL be in San Diego and San Fran for the tour in September.

sahodoichiro from x.x.x.137 joined the chat 5 seconds ago

daygroomer: OOOh San Diego in September? I'll be there

Brandon: Re: East Coast Girl's Given name. What is it?

Dana: San Fran? Sounds possible... lol

MagickalMan: I don't think Moiraine will bat an eye, she'll just ask where they are and what she needs to do. She isn't going to fight him anymore.

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Hamm: Brandon: she never said, as far as I know

Milk Man: not that i saw either

Hamm: I live in Los Angeles, so San Diego is far preferable to San Fran

CrimsonRave from x.x.x.37 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Dana: I'm central coast, so San Fran is about 2-3 hours away...

Brandon: Re: Sleep at night. I do usually get 8 hours. My day goes like this: Get up, take my sons and play with them for an hour so Pemberly can nap. Work until 6 or 7. Eat dinner, hang with wife and kids. Back to work at 8 or 9, work until four. Sleep until noon.

Hamm: wow, brandon runs on my time schedule

Hamm: and people tell me you can't be productive that way!

CrimsonRave: Hey Brandon weird question but why do you call your child limaboy?

MagickalMan: Night Owls unite, it's the best time to work.

sahodoichiro: nice

Erik Holmes: @daygroomer Brandon will be in San Diego on the 25th this month too I think

Semirhage666: hooray for sleeping until noon.

Brandon: Re: Gawyn. I don't think even Gawyn has been a fan of Gawyn lately. But he's been through a lot, and has more to him than people are giving him credit for having. He still has a part to play.

sahodoichiro: i feel wierd a friend of mine bought me an arc of your book on ebay

Luke Chant: Night owls, indeed. We gotta stick together.

Dana: When's the last time you signed books in the SLC airport? If I'm there at the end of july, will there be any there for me?

MagickalMan: Gawyn is an odd one, but the duel cemented my respect for him. He's a strong ally in the fight ahead.

Brandon: Re: Is Rand up to date with Elayne. To be honest, Luckers, I'd have to go look at my timeline. I'm pretty sure Rand was at June (our world months) at the end of TGS. Perrin ended at beginning of April. Elayne...grrr Can't remember. But Rand/Egwene are in sync with one another as of the end of that book. I think Elayne is just a tad behind.

Luckers: yeah I only wondered because your comment about her being head made me wonder at that feeling of relief through the bond. Thanks for the answer.

Dana: That makes me feel better... even the author gets the timelines somewhat muddled...

Luckers: lol

Brandon: Re: My book covers. Mostly, those are the publisher's deal. I generally have some input, but only a small input. The longer I go, the more I have to say. Often, I will suggest scenes, but it's up to the publisher/artist to decide.

Brandon: For example, the cover of Mistborn 3 was originally a concept cover for the cover of Mistborn One. Everyone liked it so much, they decided to tweak the sketch and do a full painting for MB3.

Frankline: AMOL shoud not be less than a 1000 pages Mr. Sanderson

Hamm: honestly, I think any book getting over 800 pages just starts to feel long.

DrakeSparda from x.x.x.74 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Brandon: Re: Galad in TofM. so far, I'm on record as saying this: Almost everyone who did not appear in TGS appears in TofM. No promises on anyone other than Main Characters, like Mat/Elayne. But expect to see a lot of people return who didn't appear in TGS.

Brandon: Also, Galad happens to be one of my personal favorite characters.

Luckers: awesome!

MagickalMan: I'd take 5k pages, but I'm just greedy.

MysticFyre: I'm with you MagickalMan

Brandon: Re: Rand and his half brother. RAFO.

beckster45: i would take a dozen more books!

sahodoichiro: you enjoy saying that alot dont you

Dana: @Sahodiochiro--he's a meanie

Brandon: Re: How is Min NOT pregnant. Uh... You'll have to ask her about that. I don't pry.

beckster45: lol

Brandon: (Actually, I think they talk about it in the books.)

Luckers: yeah, a tea

DrakeSparda: Don't they take a tea?

Hamm: poor Brandon. He had 30 minutes to do this 45 minutes ago, and he's still got several questions left to answer.

Luckers: Min mentions that Elayne should have drunk it before fooling around with Rand.

MagickalMan: Gawyn's duel was one of my favorite parts of the series lately, it was very surprising on many levels. In a way I thought he was better than he was portrayed, but in the larger scope he just isn't the best. Lan would trounce him.

MysticFyre: I thought she offered it to Elayne...but Elayne wanted to conceive.....but I could be mistaken....

beckster45: i want to say THANK YOU again Brandon!! You are by far the most accesable authors i have ever known.

Luckers: no, she says she should have drunk it because she had a viewing of the Twins.

MysticFyre: I knew it was mentioned.....there's just so much to remember

Brandon: Re: Are there any male characters who don't know they can channel, but will learn? Wonderfully specific question that is EXACTLY the type of thing RJ would RAFO. I will say this. We are not going to be introducing new plot lines in the upcoming books. Robert Jordan was specific. These books are culminations, not thread-starters. So basically, they will be focused on plots you already know about. Mostly. (Not much help there, am I? Sorry.)

staircasewit from x.x.x.234 joined the chat

Dana: Thank goodness for tying off loose ends... lol

zebobes from x.x.x.253 was timed out

DrakeSparda: I think we have enough plot lines to tie up so. I think we can be satisfied.

Brandon: RE: Will there be Q&A at the Eagle Mountain signing. Yes. Hopefully, a lot of it.

Hamm: I'm not sure there are enough thanks to give to Brandon. Not only did he take on an monumental undertaking with the WoT series, but he's spend a huge amount of time keeping all of us up to date on things. Often having to deal with fans who can be unruly and question him and his methods.

beckster45: tha the answer will be RAFO!

Luckers: Agreed

Hamm: spending

Luckers: (With Hamm. Thanks brandon!)

Luke Chant: Thanks a for everything you're doing, Brandon! This chat has been wonderful.

Brandon: RE: Magic system I'm most proud of. Oh, boy. That's like asking someone's favorite child. I really like what I've got in TWoK, but Mistborn's trio of magic systems have a tightness to them that is hard to match.

Dana: We <3 you, Brandon Sanderson! Now hurry and publish more books, lol!

ChrisW from x.x.x.117 joined the chat

Golffuul: @Dana. Lol

Brandon: Re: Do I look forward to being done with the wot. Yes and no. It is a LOT of work. These books are the hardest I've ever written. So I will feel good to have them done, and to have the closure out there.

Hamm: @Dana: send him a pack of magic cards. That seems to be inspirational!

Bashar from x.x.x.4 joined the chat 2 seconds ago

Dana: @Hamm: lol

Brandon: But at the same time...the wot Has been part of my life in one way or another since I was 14. It will be very sad to see it end.

DrakeSparda: We know that it is Harriet's decision about outrigger novels, but would you want to do them?

MagickalMan: I'll send him my Black Lotus if it'll help!

myx from x.x.x.79 joined the chat

Dylan: Thank's for finishing the WoT and for doing these chats!

Brandon: Re: Which of my books was my favorite to write. Each is different. The WoT books are the most challenging, the Alcatraz books the most fun. I think The Way of Kings was the most enthralling. Each have their high points.

Erik Holmes: I just want to see Rand cut loose again like he did in Knife of Dreams... 100,000 Trollocs in like minutes!

Dana: We should all bring magic cards to the signing

Frankline: Sad, yes but the end must be one to remember

Hamm: my lotuses (or is lotus singular and plural) got stolen when I was in high school.

Hamm: I brought decks with me to Vromans last fall for TGS signing

Hamm: but there wasn't exactly an opportunity to play.

Brandon: Re: Subject matter I research. I kind of answered this above, but I will say that MOST of it is along the lines of "How did this piece of technology work" or "how did this battle play out." Historical things.

MagickalMan: I hope we can get some game on at DragonCon, I'll bring some cards and see.

Golffuul: Sorry for the double question

Dana: I mean cards to give him

Hamm: I know you did


Dana: lol

Hamm: I haven't bought any cards in years. I was blown away by how much the game has changed

Dana: my hubby feels the same way about the Pokemon cards

Frankline: Do we get anything about Shocklances

Hamm: looks at a stack of 1st edition pokemon cards

MagickalMan: I'm old school, haven't bought anything new pertaining to Magic in quite a while.

myx: i'm pretty late to this party, so if I don't get an answer to my worries.. But any channce of egwene ever putting cadsuane in her place?

Bashar: I wanted to thank you for the books. I read all of your work when you were selected to end the Wheel. I started in order of publication, I liked Elantris more than Warbreaker. But Mistborn, oh man, Mistborn was outstanding, that was amazing work. I knew the series were in great hands when I read Mistborn. A friend of mine did the same, he said: Jordan was great Story Teller. Brandon is a great Story Teller and a great Writer. I loved the Gathering Storm. The only book I read 3 times. Thank you very much.

Brandon: Re: Will Hoid appear in the WOT. No, he will not. I feel that putting a character from one of my own books into the wot world would be an act of arrogance. The wot world is not mine, and I don't want to imply that my characters have any connection to it, or that it's part of 'my' cosmology. (Sorry.) There are other easter eggs, though. The type Mr. Jordan liked to put in.

Frankline: i've always wondered what kind of weapons they were

Hamm: hmmm, aren't shocklances described in the WoT D&D books?

ChrisW from x.x.x.117 joined the chat

Brandon: All right, all. Thank you for listening. I'm going to read through the rest of the chat, so I'll see what you said. But I don't have time for more questions. (Hang around. I might post another thought or two.) But for now, we'll call this a wrap. I'll do it again in the future, I promise.

MagickalMan: indeed they are

Dana: Yay! Looking forward to future chats!

MagickalMan: g'night Brandon, thanks again

Luckers: Thank you so much Brandon!

Hamm: Sounds good Brandon. Thanks again for doing this.


Brandon: I assume Dragonmount or someone will throw up an archive of this. They always do. If you do, please all pretend that my spelling was wonderful and I inserted a few extra chamingly witty comments.

Cullen: Thanks

toaster J: thank you

Bashar: thanks for this, feels very real.

DrakeSparda: Thank you!

staircasewit: I wish I had arrived earlier but thanks for the responses I saw. Love your books.

staircasewit: I wish I had arrived earlier but thanks for the responses I saw. Love your books.

Dana: Thank you!!! It's so fun to get to know things about your writing process and about your as a person!

Milk Man: thank you again Brandon, its been GREAT!

Proto: Thank you Brandon.

Brandon: Also, lets hope that I didn't say anything that will have Maria on the phone to me Monday groaning about something wrong I said.

staircasewit: and... sorry that showed up twice? I don't know what happened

Golffuul: Thanks so much for the chat

Luckers: (p.s. did you get that email I sent? Maria said it was alright, but I wasn't sure it went through?)

Hamm: Now I just have to sit and wait for the next book. I'm so dying to read about a character being named after me, even if it's only like one line.

Brandon: As always, thank you very much for reading. (And yes, Luckers, I got your email. I totally forgot to reply, though.)

Erik Holmes: Yeah, it was cool the way you told the very first people that showed up about who really killed Asmodean

Brandon: One of the best things about being involved in these books has been the fan base. You lot are a pretty great group.


MagickalMan: We've know who killed him for months, it's all in black and white, man!

Luckers: Having a fan for an author is pretty damn cool too brandon

Dana from x.x.x.1 joined the chat

myx: thanks for the chat just finished tgs yesterday for the first time...amazimg

Hamm: Well Brandon, the WoT fanbase will probably become your fanbase now, even outside the WoT series.

MysticFyre: For me, one of the best things about you being involved with WOT is that it brought into my world another great writer .

Bashar: what's the best way to email you?

MysticFyre: what Hamm said!

Dana from x.x.x.1 joined the chat

The Order Of The 17th Shard from x.x.x.47 joined the chat 5 seconds ago

Brandon: Re: Finishing GRRM's books. Lol. I think I'd be the WRONG choice for those books, and would tell them that if they asked me. WoT was one of the few I'd have said yes to, seeing as to how Robert Jordan taught me to write. (Pretty much.)

Luckers: Hamm, if you do make a DM account, PM me what you got. I'm starting to cut it up now.

Stefan from x.x.x.80 was timed out

Hamm: Luckers, let me go make an account

RolandAlThor from x.x.x.14 joined the chat

MagickalMan: I just can't see you using that type of language or "painting" those scenes. Not that it's a terrible thing, but it isn't you.

Hamm: I'll send you the log from Brandon signing in until Brandon signing out

Erik Holmes: Oh come on Brandon, that scene in Warbreaker was right up there with the GRRM scenes...

The Order Of The 17th Shard: @Brandon Re: Archiving I'm going to throw it up on 17thshard

Brandon: Re: Grading papers. I actually never graded finals for my last class. (Whoops.) I will be doing it during tour this year, probably. I teach for fun, so I do it as a hobby. I'm not sure how much longer I'll be able to do it. (I only teach one class a year.)

Bashar: After the WoT I made a decision to never read a series that is in Progress. That's why I never read GRRM. Will I have that problem with the Storm Light Archives or will each book have very satisfying conclusions?

Luckers: Cool. I got everything from where you said hi to everyone and that you'd just finished reading the backlog

Luckers: (@Hamm)

Dana: I tried to make that decision (to never read a series in progress)... but now you have one in progress, so I just can't do that, lol

Hamm: Luckers: I have the backlog all the way back to brandon joining

Andrej from x.x.x.6 joined the chat

Hamm: so I'll send a full log

Dana: Where are you guys posting this stuff? I didn't get to see it all... and if I try to save/print it only shows me the second page!

Hamm: I'll be sending it to Luckers, to be posted on DM

Brandon: Dana: I signed some books in the Salt Lake airport just a few weeks ago, and will do so again when I fly out to Comicon. So there's a good chance! If you call the bookstore and have them order you in a TGS, I could sign that. Last time I was there, they were out.

Andrej: Hello...people? (just saw that Brandon was doing this)

Andrej: Wait. I suppose the question mark after people seemed a bit odd. You lot aren't Koloss or anything.

Andrej: aren't Koloss, right? :\

mhoffman from x.x.x.134 joined the chat

Hamm: I might be

cubarey: I m blue

Dana: I'm Human.

staircasewit: koloss are people too. haha.

The Order Of The 17th Shard from x.x.x.47 joined the chat

Andrej: Blue? Colloidal silver for the win!

MagickalMa from x.x.x.177 joined the chat

Erik Holmes: Argh, I forgot about comic con

Hamm: pokes DM come on, send me my registration e-mail so I can log in

MagickalMan from x.x.x.177 joined the chat

Andrej: Well, yeah, they are - though somewhat modified.

Brandon: Lol. Dana, I'm REALLY trying to publish as many as possible. Magic cards do help, though...

Dana: covers eyes of anybody who hasn't read MB3 yet NO PEEKIES!

Luckers: come on guys lets not spoil things

MagickalMan: I'm a meat-popsicle. Gotta love FE.

Brandon: In a more serious tone, I do offer to let people read my older books.

Brandon: So if you're starved for something, you can shoot and email through the website and ask for White Sand or Aether of Night.

Andrej: Brandon - how would we go about reading said older books?

Andrej: Oh. There we go, answered my question before I hit "sent"

MagickalMan: That sounds fantastic, I'll drop you a line for those

Dana: Hubby's drooling already! Guess I'm heading to the website!

Brandon: They're not up to my current standards, but they're okay. And if you're really interested in the larger story happening behind the scenes in my books, those two novels are important.

RolandAlThor: Will we be seeing a sequel to Elantris?

Brandon: Watch for the Wells of Power in Aether of Night, for example.

Brandon: There will be an Elantris sequel some day. Hopefully.

Hamm: I really need to read Brandon's other books

Brandon: Wait, someone if offering a BLACK LOTUS. Drool. (But I probably wouldn't take it, in all honesty. That's a little TOO much.)

Erik Holmes: Brandon, are you giving any talks at Comic Con?

MagickalMan: I recommend Elantris to start, Hamm.

Brandon: The Amazon wish list alone makes me feel uncomfortable. Really, reading my books is enough.

Hamm: I told Brandon I'd read Mistborn last November

Hamm: I just haven't gotten to it yet, my book backlog is huge

Bashar: hamm: I would start with Elantris too, then Warbreaker, end with Mistborn.

Andrej: Hamm - Mistborn is great. If you haven't gottena round to it, check it out. If you drive a lot, hit up Audible.

Brandon: As for comicon, I'm doing a panel on fantasy with Tad Williams and Christopher Poulini (sp?) and also the awesome Pat Rothfuss. Also, a signing with Pat and Brent Weeks.(sp?)

DrakeSparda: Warbreaker may be good to start as well

DrakeSparda: since it is a standalone.

MagickalMan: Let me know THE NAME, and the Black Lotus is yours! FedEx Overnight, you know you want it. ;-)

Andrej: Audible has all of Brandon's stuff, and most of it is done by fantastic narrators (I wasn't too keen on the fellow how did Warbreaker, alas)

Hamm: hahahaha

DrakeSparda: I actually just read the Night Angel Trilogy, not bad at all.

Erik Holmes: Ok, I knew about the signing but not the panel. I'll have to see if I can scalp some tickets

Hamm: no audio books for me. I need that book to sit on my shelf forever

Dana: I've read all but the third Alcatraz book... so hard to get here The bookstore gave me blank looks if I asked them if they had them, so I'd have to special order... or Amazon (yay!)

MysticFyre: Elantris was hard for me to read, but glad I did, it was very good. Mistborn trilogy is excellent. Hero of the ages is just about the best fantasy novel I've ever read. Warbreaker....I LOVED the 'lazy god'. Speaking of Pat Rothfuss...I read that on Brandon's's excellent, can't wait for the next installment in that!

Cullen: do you have plans to release early drafts of Way of Kings or any other books?

ShaiZ: Narrators for WOT is Michael Kramer and Kate redding and they do an awesome job

ShaiZ: Though I didn't like Kramer at first.

Brandon: I WILL play Magic at Dragoncon. Planning to have plenty of time. I wish I could figure out a way to do a draft with fans while out for Comicon. That would be great.

MagickalMan: Warbreaker was very interesting. I started reading it is early revisions and saw how it changed. Made for an interesting study.

Brandon: Remind me, Magical Man, about this chat when you see me. You too, Hamm.

Andrej: ShaiZ - Kramer "grew" in his talent, I feel. His inital work on EotW was a little weaker than his other stuff. I've actually found a couple new books because I liked him as a narrator

Hamm: I will, for sure

myx: I think I read somewhere that mramer and reading are married...

RolandAlThor: Has anyone ever read the otherland series and if so is it worth reading?

The Order Of The 17th Shard: @Brandon Re: The wells in Aether and White Sand - I thought you said that stuff wasn't cannon!

Hamm: Some day I will find a way to play a game against you Brandon. My old school merfolk deck needs another playing.

Erik Holmes: Brandon, they usually have big rooms of people playing Magic at Comic Con, near the food stands

ShaiZ: Andre, ya he really grew on me, other series i've listened to from Robin Hobb and George RR, keep changing narrators, it's maddening

Brandon: Re: Shocklances(sp? I should really know that one) and Egwene/Cadsuane. Double RAFO. Pow!

MagickalMan: I will Brandon, I owe you a beer (or a soda if you prefer). You renewed my hope for the whole WoT.

myx from x.x.x.79 joined the chat

Erik Holmes: I want to say its above the main area, near the escalators where they sell all of the food in the big room on the left

RyanW from x.x.x.146 joined the chat

ShaiZ: Brandon you should play Rochester draft (it used to be the default pro format back when I played semi pro) it takes longer but it was more social

Luckers: Haha

Dana: I think he'll prefer a soda, just knowing what I know about him

Andrej: ShaiZ- The worst narrator switch I had was when Frank Muller passed and couldn't continue the "Dark Tower" books.

RyanW: wow, long 30 min. didn't expect Mr. Sanderson to still be in here

Andrej: But Kramer is awesome. Kate Reading, too - it's always great when a narrator really has a feel for the characters.

ShaiZ: Same here that was awful Andre

beckster45: I will be HAPPY to RAFO......just give me something to read!!

MysticFyre: @Ryan...methinks he's enjoying this.

Andrej: There's a J there, too. Not to be too picky, mind. heh

Dana: lol @ Beckster

Andrej: I have one of the more confusing names. Whenever folks as for it I just spell it out (for businesses, etc)

RyanW: wish i would have registered an hour ago. oh well. looks like MTG has been discussed a bit.

Ryan: Anyone logging this since the begining?

ShaiZ: Ya, I've found a lot of female narrators annoy me for some reason, but Kate is the best.

Dana: @Ryan--there are some people... i think Hamm and Luckster

Hamm: if there's a god of dragonmount, may they please send me my forum activation code so I can finish my registration!

DrakeSparda: i prefer to read it myself. i cannot seem to get into a book if it is read to me.

Hamm: and yes, I have the full log

Luckers: Hamm, maybe email it to me

RolandAlThor: I agree you cant form your own picture listening

Ryan: @hamm fantastic

Hamm: sure think

Hamm: thing

Andrej: Drake - While I largely prefer readign books on my own, my commute/work/plots to take over the world leave me with little time.

Dana: I like both. Sometimes I like to listen to a book on my iPod while I'm cleaning or doing some crafty stuff or laying in bed wide awake

myx: I don't RAFO anymore... I LAFO since I discovered the audiobooks. They are too much fun... I listened to TGS in a week.

Brandon: Re: Stormlight Archive and satisfying conclusions. I try VERY hard to do that in all of my books. So hopefully, yes it will.

Andrej: Btw, are you folks submitting your questions in any particular way to Brandon? or is he just scanning the chat and answering at random?

Dana: BTW, Brandon--I love the "last pages" in your Alcatraz books

Dana: it's AWESOME

MysticFyre: something that surprised me, since I've had such a love affair with the written I LOVE my Kindle. Now...I must own all of Brandon's works in volume, and of course, the final volumes of WOT....but I am enjoying my toy.

ShaiZ: I disagree, I am an auditory learner, and I can invision everything perfectly. I'm also always at teh gym, in my office, or walking/driving somewhere so Audio books work perfectly

DrakeSparda: The problem with listening is I tend to do with it what I do with music, it let is be like background noise and cannot really absorb it.

fantasticwrite from x.x.x.45 joined the chat

Dana: @Andrej: he's picking them at random

AngieV from x.x.x.34 joined the chat

The Order Of The 17th Shard: @Brandon RE:satisfying endings Way of Kings has a satisfying ending. I promise.

Andrej: Dana - thanks

Hamm: got it Luckers. Will e-mail the log to you once we're all done

Luckers: Sweet

Brandon: Also, My internet is going crazy. So I think I should just go ahead and say good night for real this time. In answer to those who want to contact me via email, try the web form on my site.

Dana: Thank you for an awesome chat! Do one again another time!!!

ShaiZ: G'night sir!

Bashar: Thank you Brandon. I loved the end of Final Empire. That last page left me thinking and wondering like crazy. To build osmething amazing then unravel like that. To toss the formula on its head. That was brilliant. Hero of Ages was phenomenal!

DrakeSparda: Thanks again!

AngieV: Night!

beckster45: goodnight and thank you Brandon!

Brandon: Sorry if I missed anyone's questions. I will do this again. If I missed yours, email me. I'll try to get to it.

MysticFyre: good night and happy writing!!!!!

Hamm: Alright Brandon. Thanks for taking the time to talk to all of us. Pleasure as always.

Luckers: Thank you Brandon!

Andrej: Thanks, Brandon! See you in MInnesota, if you get here again.

staircasewit: Good night! Thanks again.

Erik Holmes: Night Brandon, see you at Comic Con!

RolandAlThor: Thanks Much

MagickalMan: See you at DragonCon

myx: thanks

Brandon: Good night.

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