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Source:Chicago LoC signing, 22 October 1994 - report by Pam Korda

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Lord of Chaos signing tour, Chicago 22 October 1994 - report by Pam Korda

A few more tidbits:

David Wren Hardin asked

1) did the ajahs exist in the AOL?

Answer: No, they were created a few hundred years in the aftermath of the Breaking.

2) Was Tam involved in the Whitecloak/Illian war mentioned by Pedronn Niall in LOC?

Answer: That isn't something I'd given much consideration to (i.e. it is background, not significant). He probably was, since he was in the Illian army then. (i.e. Tam is NOT jain farstrider).

John Novak asked what the Nine Horse Hitch was.

Answer: You're too young for that. He then said something about whipped cream, butterflies, and ribbons, but I'm _definitely_ too young for that.

David's wife took a picture of David, John, me, and RJ. I suppose he'll upload it sometime.

John, Scot May, me, and my minions went for pizza afterwards.

Mrs. Robert Jordan liked my T-shirt.

Pam "not dead yet" Korda

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