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ConDFW, Dallas, TX - 17-21 February 2011Edit

Report from Terez at Theoryland:

So, Brandon went to this con in Dallas, and some nice people from the re-read asked Brandon a few questions. For some reason the report is hidden on a secret Facebook page but they were kind enough to invite me. Thanks to James E. Jones for harassing Brandon.

Fiddler: How would you compare Murandy's forces to those of Tear?
Brandon: (Paraphrase) If Murandy had any significant forces, would they have needed to hire the Band?

Tektonica: Does Moridin know that Rand drew the True Power through their connection?
Brandon: (Paraphrase) It's always best to assume that Moridin knows a lot more than he's revealed.

There were also some RAFOs for other questions, but I'm not sure which. Nothing exciting, though (I looked through all their questions, but I dunno if he asked all of them). I'm going to footnote the Murandy quote with some pretty predictable arguments.

URL for report:

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