Lord of Chaos signing tour, Concord, Calif. 28 October 1994 - report by Eric C. Piquette

I went to the signing last friday down by the coast and thought I'd give a small report. I got there about 5 min. before 6:00, and not many people were there yet. I was #11. RJ was late, so in the meantime there was a discussion about WoT. Most of the the discussion centered on this group. Myself, Julie Kangas, and a couple other rasfwrj-ers explained to non-net fans about the group and about information gleaned from previous signings. (btw, if MIGHTY MORGNO was truly looking for other net readers, I fear he suffered from the rare malady of "can't see the forest for the trees.")


asked RJ where the equator was in Randland. He then pointed to Illian on a map and said that it coresponded approximately to the Florida Keys.

I also asked his wife if she was having fun touring the U.S. She said yes, but also that it was tiring. Indeed, RJ looked like he was ready for the whole thing to be over with, but he still maintained a friendly demeanor.

I also really liked his hat.


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