Dayton, OH KoD signing 21 October 2005 - report by Tim KingtonEdit

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I was at the signing in Dayton, OH on Friday. The signing followed the pattern of the others that have been reported lately, but there were a few interesting things I had not heard before. Caution - spoilers ahead.

Q: When Rand hears Lews Therin, is this happening across time, or are they both in the present?

A: They’re both in the present.

Q: Will there be a WOT movie?

A: There may be. Right now RJ has on his desk some kind of outline, which is one of the first steps in developing a screenplay. Red Eagle Entertainment has the right.

He really doesn't like Apple. It was hard to hear this answer, but he was saying something about how he started writing on the Apple ][, and when he switched to Apple 3, the file formats changed, and he couldn’t get to any of his data. The same thing happened again when he moved to the Mac, and so he swore he would never buy anything Apple again. He says the only thing from Apple that he uses now is Quicktime.

Q: Was the gizmo used to capture Elayne a shocklance?

A: It was a variation. A shocklance is more like a rifle, and this was more like a pistol.

Q: What software do you use to write?

A: WordPerfect 9. Word sucks. He went on to explain several of the lame things about Word. The one that I remember is that if you import things from WP, it screws up the fonts.

Q: Were the Kin inspired by some real-life group?

A: No, as far as I know, I made them up.

Q: Was Mat's use of crossbows in KoD based on the way crossbows were really used?

A: The thing that made crossbows better than longbows was that you could train someone to use a crossbow much faster than you could train them to use a bow. Then when muskets came along, they were better because they didn't require much training, and the firing rate was improved.

Q: What are female Trollocs like?

A: They are basically breeding machines. They give birth to litters, and are quite fierce in defense of their children.

Q: Were the Dragon Banner and the Horn of Valere made at the same time?

A: No.

Q: Then why did Hawkwing need Rand to produce the banner at Falme before he could attack?

A: Legends change.

Q: Why can't Shadowspawn pass through gateways?

A: It’s because they’re artificial constructs. They can't tolerate the passage.

Q: So would a Nym have the same problem?

A: Yes.

Q: How about Ogier?

A: No. Ogier are not artificial constructs.

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