Dayton, OH TSR Signing, October 1992 - report by Brian McKeeEdit

A local (huge!) bookstore here in Dayton called Books & Co. has "Shadow Rising". I bought it last night, and found out the Robert Jordan was there for a book signing! I wish I had known ahead of time so I could have brought all 4 in The Wheel of Time series Several people had ALL of his books, including his Conan books and several written under pseudonyms -- he mentioned writing westerns and historical (e.g. civil war) novels under the names Reagan O'neill and -something- O'Reilly.

Jordan was quite interesting and personable. He said he used to be an engineer of somekind. He LOOKED and sounded somewhat like a computer-type (a little nerdy -- I can say that, since I'm one too :-). It took FOREVER to get through the few people who were there for the signing (it wasn't advertised, at least not very well), because he took a break between each book he signed to tell a little bit more about himself (which was definitely intersting). Several people asked, of course, how the series was going to end, and, of course, he wouldn't say, except to suggest finding out by buying the book when it's published.

He mentioned that there was a special limited edition set of the four books in the series so far being published in leather bound, gold-inset (?) volumes, selling for around $200 (or was it $200 per book?). I think he said only 200 copies would be published (200 seemed to come up a lot in his dialogue :-).

Brian McKee

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