The Path of Daggers Book Tour

Report from Scott Cantor - Dayton, 15 November 1998

He also mentioned the fact that Fain is essentially his wild card, a character that is outside the structure of the work and can therefore act totally unpredictably.

When I reached the signing table, I asked him if he had a better idea now how many novels there would be than he might have had previously, knowing it was a lame question, but he answered it politely. He said he knew there would be at least three more, and that he generally finds himself with twice as much planned for a novel as he can pull off in 700 pages, which happened with the new one. This suggested to me that 5-6 more books would not be surprising.

I didn't stay too long, but I had a good time, and just wish he had stopped in Columbus as well.

Scott Cantor

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