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Last night I finished a major plot arc of A MEMORY OF LIGHT. This is important, since it's one of the big pieces that Mr. Jordan didn't write himself. (I figured that I would write this chunk early, rather than one of the ones that had a lot of work done on it already. That way, if I did a terrible job, there would be plenty of time for Harriet to set me straight regarding it.) I can't tell you who or what it details, but it turned out really well. I wish I could say more, but . . . well . . . I'm also happy that I can't. I'm very open with the projects I work on; that is my style. However, one of the things about the Wheel of Time has always been that Mr. Jordan releases very little information about upcoming books. That adds to the mystery and the tension, and is part of the Wheel of Time process. I will promise you, though, that just like Mr. Jordan said . . . there are dead mules in the prologue.

So why even mention this? Well, just to let you know that the book IS continuing. It's going to be awesome. (Also, you should note that I'm at a conference this next week, and will be focusing on revising this chunk of AMOL and doing a new draft of Warbreaker. So, the progress ticker may stall for a week or two. It doesn't factor in editing or revising, only rough drafting.)

Also, I want to leave a note for all of you who wrote me about Lightsong and Warbreaker over the last couple of days. It has been extremely helpful, and while I can't write an individual response to every one of you, I can leave a very large—and humbled—thank you here. So far, this project has been very fulfilling and successful. I don't know if that will help or hurt sales, but it has been useful in ways that sales can never indicate.

One last note. Alan Capps, you wrote me an email a few days ago and I just wrote a very long response—which bounced from your email box and came back undeliverable! So, if you'd email me again, I'd appreciate it. ;)

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