Durham, NC Post-ACOS Signing--4 August, 1996; report by Hawk.

report by Robyn "Hawk" Goldstein

Yeah, I know it wasn't heavily advertised - I just found out about it by dumb luck. It seems that when Barnes and Nobles rounds up the usual suspects to advertise to, it doesn't really include more than their newsletter, and the local News & Disturber.

RJ read from the same chapter that he did at Balticon - except this time he read the entire chapter, rather than just the part where Mat gets jumped upon by Tylin.

He was remarkably patient with the amount of people there, and even remembered me from Balticon. I suspect it has something to do with him signing my books "To Hawk" than anything else.

Pam - here's something new for the FAQ. I asked him exactly why the pool of untainted saidin was needed at the Eye of the World. He kindof gave me a RAFO. RJ said that he has an idea of what he wants that to have been for, but he's not sure he's going to use it, so he didn't want to give me infomation and then change his mind later. So all our guesses are correct at the moment!

Other than that, it was a remarkably quiet signing. Bob Gibson brought all his books, and was attempting to get his friend Russ, another friend of their's, and me to help him get them signed. I declined, as I had already passed off one of my books to Russ to get signed.



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