June 1995 "East of the Sun" – Bo Lindbergh reporting

Just some things I thought I'd pass on from the Robert Jordan interview an hour ago at the convention (East of the Sun) currently going on here in Stockholm.... (More stuff coming later tonight!)

About being shy: RJ claimed that he's been voted the most retiring man in the world for six years running. Has he been reading signatures from this newsfroup?

About the FAQ: he gave some actual numbers: 30-40% dead on, 30-40% not quite but in the right direction, the rest way off. No hints about which is which, though. :-) Also, he seems to have gotten the usual impression that the answers are final and the questions must never be brought up again.

More material for the "how old is everyone" section: Faile was 17 when she met Perrin.

-Bo Lindbergh

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