Falls Church, VA (No VA) CoT signing 23 January 2003 - report by Robert Mee

report from rec.arts.sf.written.robert-jordan

Hey all,

The signing at Bailey's Crossroads in Northern Virgina was awesome. Well over 200 people came out to meet the man whose series we all very much enjoy debating/arguing/considering/contemplating. Again, RJ did the whole thing about pronunciation and told us all that someone somewhere had puzzled out the Asmodean mystery... but wouldn't tell us the sleuth or the solution.

Most people seemed to be uninterested in asking questions about WoT while he signed... though there were some interesting discussions in line. I did manage to get one question in toward the end. I asked if we had actually seen Mesaana's alter in the White Tower and he answered "Yes." I think he was waiting for me to say "Who?" so he could respond "RAFO"..... but I didn't. Granted, it's not much, but it's a bit of evidence that Mesaana is not some random AS in the Tower... we have seen her. It was my first signing... so I was a bit awed. Hope the report suffices!


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