JordanCon April 15-17, 2011 Signing report tidbits - report by WinespringBrotherEdit

A few tidbits picked up at JordanCon: (ETA: updated with the Answerer)

Q: Do individuals with Talents not directly related to Channeling such as Sniffing, Wolfsiblings or Dreaming need trainers to help them discover that they have these Talents?
A(Alan): No, the people will still be able to use their Talents eventually, but not at as refined a level as if they had been trained.

Q: How about Padan Fain and his Talents?
A(Alan): He acquired his Talents when he merged with Mordeth, who [paraphrased a bit] got his from research and sucked the souls from his victims.

Q: Was Padan Fain behind the killer fog in the Rahad?
A(Alan): What do you think? LOL

Q: Did the Eelfinn know Mat would be returning, when they gave him the Ashendarei and told him "Wise to take leavetaking, etc..."?
A(Brandon): They don't have perfect knowledge of the future (think dreamers) but they knew it was a possibility. Also, they gave him the Ashendarei in fulfillment of his request for leavetaking, but were hoping he would not realize that, and be trapped in their domain.

Q: [paraphrased] Were there any consequences from Rand asking questions of the Aelfinn that touched on the Shadow (about cleansing taint and winning Tarmon Gai'din)?
A(Alan): Moiraine and Cadsuane thought there would be consequences, but that doesn't necessarily make it so.
However, the glossary entry in TofM for the Aelfinn states that there are consequences in such circumstances, so either that is wrong or there is a possible contradiction.

Towers of Midnight CHAPTER: GLOSSARY
Aelfinn: A race of beings, largely human in appearance but with snakelike characteristics, who will give true answers to three questions. Whatever the question, their answers are always correct, if frequently given in forms that are not clear, but questions concerning the Shadow can be extremely dangerous. Their true location is unknown, but they can be visited by passing through a ter'angreal, once a possession of Mayene but in recent years held in the Stone of Tear. They can also be reached by entering the Tower of Ghenjei. They speak the Old Tongue, mention treaties and agreements, and ask if those entering carry iron, instruments of music, or devices that can make fire. See also Eelfinn, Snakes and Foxes.

URL for Theoryland report:

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