[This letter was actually typewritten, not laser printed like the others so I've attempted to keep the integrity of the letter in the manner that this page is in all the other pages, everything is reproduced faithfully, including most of the typing errors (I do make mistakes too, you know...)]

6 September 1993

Carol Fusinato

Dear Carol,

    Thank you very much for the copy of THE CHRONICLES. I was not aware 
that I had fans who followed my work so closely. It is areal pleasure to 
discover. I apologize for the delay in writing, but in addition to writing 
(which takes no small amount of time), I have been on a round-the-world 
promotinal trip and a close family member had to have open heart surgery, 
both of which occupied me fully. I do not have access to Prodigy, but 
please keep me on your mailing list through Tor.

By the way, the capture of Yurian Stonebow did not "bring and end to the 
Trolloc Wars" (Guide to WoT). Yurian Stonebow "rose from the ashes of the 
Trolloc Wars." That is, he came along after the wars ended.

With best wishes, 
I am,


                                  Robert Jordan

RJ: kb-n

cc: files

Letter from Robert Jordan / Carolyn Fusinato

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