From Brandon Sanderson's website:

Hey, it's time for me to send in corrections for the mass market version of Mistborn Three. I just wanted to throw out to the readers a question: Did any of you spot any big problems that were continuity/proofreading errors? Did I forget and use silver instead of tin anywhere? Use the wrong name for a character? That sort of thing. If you spotted a big proofreading error like this, feel free to drop me an email or post on my Livejournal to give me a heads up.

As for AMoL, I've been doing a lot of behind-the-scenes revisions lately. I didn't put up a progress bar for them, since they're scattered revisions here and there, and it's harder to judge when they'll be finished. It seems odd to put up a progress bar for something I know will only take one day—which some of the revisions do—but I don't know exactly how long they will take all together, or even how many there will be. I do occasionally find time to write some new material, and so I'll keep updating the main progress bar.

And, in the random news department, it looks like readers have voted Elantris as one of Audible's best fantasy novels of the year last year. Thanks!

Also, I'll be doing an appearance later in the week in West Jordan, Utah. Keep an eye on the website for news. It's going to be later in the evening on Thursday night.

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