From Brandon Sanderson's website:

Much thanks to everyone who has pointed out to me that the Mistborn Two Audiobook just hit Audible. The trilogy is finally complete in this format; I apologize that it took so long to get them all up there.

AMOL revision work is moving right along. I'm afraid there's not much that is interesting to report. What I'm doing right now is probably the most boring part of a revision—line editing. I'm going line by line, trimming the fat, making it more readable, cutting the passive voice, making the scenes more visual, trying to cut out redundancy. There is a LOT of material here that I'm working with. It shouldn't be long before I'm back to writing new scenes, however. Probably next week or the week after.

Tor is readying a press release about the release date of the book. I suspect you'll see that next week as well. Watch and Dragonmount; I'll link it here when it goes live as well.

If you didn't see the Mistborn Two deleted scenes, you might find them curious. Go drop by my forums to discuss.

And, in parting, random comic strip.

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