I met Robert Jordan four times while he was in the Netherlands. I was 17 at that time and I had never met any writers before so I was really nervous, that's why he probably thought i was 12 years at that time :-) This has been a ongoing joke between me and Robert Jordan for years.

As a writer RJ was really charismatic and funny. Q and A's and booksignings with Robert Jordan were always a lot of fun. I hope you can read that in the reports.

The first thing I actually posted on Theoryland after I met RJ was: "I met him (grin). And it was really fun RJ was funny, but the first interviewer only asked the normal questions so it wasn't that interessting at first, although RJ told it funny."

A friend of mine taped almost everything and wrote a report about it. Almost everything you read about the visit in the Netherlands is written by him.

A note from the Aan'allein of the present: I wrote these reports a long time ago, when I was rather young and stupid. Rereading them now, I cringe at how opinionated I was, and I fondly remember how deeply I cared. As I wrote these reports for a very specific audience, namely fellow fans on the Wheel of Time Book Forum, you can expect a lot of in-jokes and references to people and discussions you're not supposed to know about. I hope you can see past these flaws and through reading these reports manage to share some of the sense of joy that was there in meeting Jordan.

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