January 7th, 2003. 7:00 PM EST. Barnes and Nobles, East 17th Street, New York City

Report by WinespringBrother

you lucky *()#&@#(*&

I got there around 6:30 and was stuck in the back. They were very strict there, only signing hardcovers, and not the paperbacks I brought, and only 2 books, and none personalized. But I got some of my questions answered as follows (and tried to take some pictures ):

Tam's war hero status - he is writing books about that RAFO

Will an a'dam work in a stedding? - RAFO

Taimendredism - "that is bogus", in his exact words.

Could the Dark One have brought back Asmodean if he wanted? - NO

I couldn't hear a lot of the questions from the audience since I was in the back , but the first one I heard - about the # of souls in Rand. RJ stated that he has one soul and two personalities (although he may change that ???). Someone asked why doesn't Rand have contact with any other LTT-like personalities inside of him and got RAFO. He said that Taim knew about Dumai's Wells from spying on Rand and learning that Perrin, Rand and several Aes Sedai disappeared, and putting two and two together. Someone asked if Moiraine is coming back and he just laughed and RAFO.

And Emma, I said HI and he remembers you and I don't think he will ever forget you.

Tamyrlin - I gave out a bunch of cards and I didn't get arrested.

Naeblis, did you ask any questions?

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