January 7th, 2003. 7:00 PM, ET. Barnes and Nobles, East 17th Street, New York City

Report by tsorovan'm'hael

I got it personalized

Even though they said he wouldn't do it because there were about 300+ people there and the fact that he talked for 15mins(Q&A), when i got up there, made a comment about the book, he smiled, asked what i was doing talking to his wife, told him getting the book signed, he flipped the page, laughed and said "Not that I am supposed to, but do you want your name in it like the way my wife wrote it?" I said, "no, you could put tsorovan'm'hael down" he smiled, nodded, and did it, all in lower case to boot! I think he knows me from message boards, how scary is that!

Another comment by tsorovan'm'hael

I asked the first question about the one or two souls

That was me, front row. Anyway, that question about Moiriane was stupid, you had to know that was a RAFO. He did personalize mine, laughed at me about flirting with his wife, who was sitting next to me. He did remember me from the PoD's book signing, so he quickly personalized this copy of CoT for me. :D lucky me

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